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In all my time on Online Auction sites I have  been RIPPED OFF  a number of times here and other places but Ebay have some sort of buyer protection DO THEY REALLY? You wouldnt think it  well if  the item you purchased is under $25 FORGET ANY PROTECTION be prepared to loose your money. because as a buyer if you purchased something and escalate to ebay for a claim it is going to cost you $25 Yeah ok if what you purchased say something for $1000 but come on many people just buy small amounts and values on Ebay I have lost count of the number of times I have purchased items under $25 and had to kiss goodbye to my money and I am a person that checks feedback etc. but still manage to fall for some ripoff merchant. no matter what you hear on the media RIP OFFS HAPPEN ON EBAY

The new fraudsters sell a LOT of small value items, say items under $25  think of it this way 40 items  25 is a quick $1000  they get caught out  maybe suspended from Ebay only to register ANOTHER userid to do it again to some other poor people.

Look at Feedback but please take notice of other things too how many times in the last day have the recieved it. look at the usernames of people who have bought, and check those usernames too. check the about me pages THEN email the seller for answers to any questions if they don't reply DON"T BID


I will be adding to this review on a regular basis. Take care and happy trading


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