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Australia has an enormous array of sports fanatics; passionate about their sporting heroes and wanting to collect something that they have signed to proudly display in their homes or offices. Ebay offers fans and collectors amazing never before enjoyed opportunities to do this because at the click of a mouse you can see an item that may be located on the other side of the country or even the world that has bene signed by your hero or sports star.Here are some tips to make sure you get value for your money and buy something that is the real deal.

1- Make sure the item listing has a clear or close up photo or photos so you can see the item you are purchasing

2- Ensure that the signature is clear and legible- unsmudged. Permanent fineline marker [ "sharpie"] is a preferred signature method; biro, silver and gold pens etc are often smudged.

3- Give higher priortity to sellers with perfect feedback and / or those who issue certificates of autheticity for the item you want to buy. Look for those sellers who dispaly the autnticity certificates in their listing.

4-Pay for the item with paypal; it is safe, easy to use and allows easier dispute resolution if your item isn't what you thought it was

5- Look for comparable items on ebay to compare signatures, prices etc; often this assists you in determining the true value of your purchase, its authenticity etc

6-Make sure the seller is packaging the item securely and offers insured or registered postage. Postage prices should be fair , reasonable and not appear unduly high. Compare to other sellers of similiar items.

These simple tips will assist you in purchasing that item you have always wanted of your favourite sports star. Ebay lets your dream come to life. Happy hunting for that autographed item !

written by Cameronhighlander

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