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An easy guide to help Ebay beginners.I have found a lot of my buyers have trouble with sellers who don't deliver the goods, or some buyers are unsure as to how to bid and make payments for their winning item. This is a quick guideline as to what should occur.

Firstly you have to register with ebay as a buyer.This can be done on the Ebay home page..To register you will need a credit card or bank account for identity confirmation. If you do not own a credit card you can apply by mail for a code to start or if you follow the ebay guide lines you can obtain a code by phone to start you straight away...if you are looking for anything in particular then type it in the search bar and the ebay search will take you to the catergory you are seaching for..once you find an item you wish to purchase then click on the item and make sure you read all details concerning that item, especially check the sellers feedbacks and whether they have a good rating or not...if they have no feedbacks or several negatives then be them and ask questions if need be..

Most buyers will put a watch on the item that they are waiting to bid on and wait till within a few minutes of bidding ending to get the minnium bid,but sometimes this dosen't always work, if the item dosen't get bid on,and there is12hrs left remaining,then the buyer can extend the bidding for a longer period and this means you will have to wait longer to get a chance at winning ...If you are placing a bid then always bid the maxium of what you are prepared to pay,as Ebay will automaticly keep bidding for you till it reaches your maxium bid. That way you don't have to sit and watch and keep will either win or lose..After you have won an auction, most sellers will give you a period of 3 days to contact them and send you an ebay invoice, it is important that you make contact with your seller within their specified time,it shows sincerity as to your purchasing of their will be sent an invoice by email from the seller which will contain a Pay Now box. When you click on the box it will take you to the sellers payment details, which will either be a Direct Payment to their nominated bank, or through Pay Pal or you send them a personal cheque or money order..the seller will always specify which they prefer....Once payment has been made, it is up to you to notify your seller and let them know payment has been sent.The seller should then get back to you when the payment has been received and to when your item will be sent..Communication is the key to good sales concerning both parties..if someone does not communicate with you after you have communicated to them then generally there is something wrong.Always communicate with Ebay Customer Service if ever you have not received your items after payment has been made or if your seller has not made any communication with you...So get started now and Happy Ebaying!!! 

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