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I have been buying and selling on ebay for over a year and have had some good experiences and some bad.

All I want to do is share what I do now to minimize risk when buying.  Some on the following tips are better to learn before instead of after something bad may happen. 
Most people realise the obvious things to look at
-Feedback of seller
-Location as some countries are more prone to fraud then others.
Anyhow I want to concentrate on what ebay has available to you.

The following links below and what they are for!
Username bidding history- Good way to see what someone has  been bidding on give a better picture.
Contact information- After buying or selling any item you are able to find information mainly phone number of other member.  This information is great when buying an expensive item and helps to create a communication link immediately between you and the seller or buyer.
What have they sold- Fantastic way to look at how many items the seller has sold recently and match that with there feedback.

I could not survive without these links as I buy mobile phones which are generally never cheap.
I beleive these methods can only make your ebay experience more pleasand and lower the stress and anxiety which sometimes goes with trading on Ebay.

Best of luck

Username bidding history

Contact information

What have they sold

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