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after receiving many emails from people wanting to know how to choose a stand up paddle board correctly  i decided to help by writing this guide i hope it helps.
firstly you will need to choose a board suitable for your experience level, for beginners who weigh under 80 kilos we recommend our 10' foot 6'' stand up paddle board it is 30 inches wide and 4'3/8 in thick this board is a stable board for that weight category, these boards have been designed with a double concave that goes into a vee through the fin area which allows them to glide across rough and choppy water with ease ,this is important when traveling long distances to maintain your speed and momentum  the vee in the fin area allows a large board like this to turn easily making it a fantastic all round board for flat water training or to go into the surf  the choice is yours.
we have also our 11 footer its good for beginners up to 100 kilo it has the same specifications as our 10'6'' board , all our boards are made of super light epoxy its very strong and long lasting all our boards are made with Australian foam blanks and resins, all boards are machine shaped that means every board goes just as well as the one made before it, after hundreds of hours of test riding we want to make sure every one gets a board that goes well,  the difference between a board that goes and one that is substandard  can be 1 degree on its curve or rocker, it might not seem much but it is when your board is 11 feet long.
BEGINNERS  up to 80 kilo to choose  10'6'' SUP
BEGINNERS up to 100 kilo to choose 11' sup
INTERMEDIATE up to 95 kilo to choose 10'6
INTERMEDIATE up to 105 kilo to choose 11' sup
EXPERIENCED up to  105 kilo  to choose 10'6''
all our board come with a carbon fiber  paddle very light and very strong.
 for beginners its a good idea to do a few lessons or at least go with some experienced paddle boarders always check the weather forecast before taking to the water as off shore winds tend to come up in the afternoon this can cause big problems for learners to return to the beach also be mindful of tidal currents on river mouths and inlets
they're have been many embarrassed paddle boarders rescued because they didn't  understand local tides and weather conditions.   

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