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Hello all and welcome to my eBay store.After being inundated by emails from beginner surfers ,wanting advice on how to correctly choose a surfboard,i decided to write this simple guide i hope it helps.


THE NOSE - which is the front of a surfboard,

THE TAIL -which is at the back of the surfboard.

THE RAILS -which  run along both sides of a surfboard from the nose to the tail.

THE DECK- this is where you will stand, it has a wooden stringer in it to give your board extra strength.

THE BOTTOM- this is underneath your board, it has many different concave configurations to choose from.

THE FINS SYSTEM- this is what steers your board.

THE LEASH PLUG- this is where you will attache your leash, so you dont lose your board, it stops others being hit by your board as well .

THE GLASS-this is the outer coating fiber glass which usually comes in polyurethane or epoxy, it will be in 4 or 6 ounce thickness.

(BEGINNER ADULT SURFERS) i recommend you purchase a SOFT BOARD 7'foot( for surfers up to50 kg ,160cm tall ) to( 8 foot long for surfers up to 80 kilo180cm tall) ,and (9 foot for surfers up to 100 kilo 190 cm tall).

(FOR KIDS) up to 40 kilo or 140 cm we recommend a 6 foot soft board . the SOFT BOARDS  are very safe, you wont need to worry about getting injured by a hard edged surfboard or by sharp fins as they are made from a  hot welded soft neoprene the same as in surf schools built to last premium quality materials , these are excellent until you find your balance and understand how to negotiate the surf zone properly.

because surfing is a very addictive sport and probably the most fun you will ever have exercising , you will probably find yourself learning all sorts of cool tricks and surfing more frequently  and gaining more experience. this is why i have developed my soul surfer style retro surfboards, these surfboards have been designed for everyone to ride, they are quite stable and can support even the heaviest surfers.I recommend beginner surfers to move onto our hybrid MINIMALS these boards are smaller and lighter than traditional Malibu surfboards which means they are easier to manage and more maneuverable in the surf, once you have progressed past the learner stage we recommend our SOUL SURFER FISH style surfboards,    experienced surfers to choose a fish board (4'' to 6'' inches) shorter than their normal short board. i have designed these boards with FCS plugs,  this way you can remove your fins for traveling or change your style of fins to suit local conditions. 

remember to always use a leash on your surfboard, it should be a little longer than your surfboard. PROTECTING YOUR BOARD  always store it in a board bag out of the sun when you have finished using it ,the board bag will also help protect it when using roof racks and traveling to different locations as surfers are travelers and remember never leave your board in the car on a hot day as it can cause damage .  PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT WE ONLY  USE PREMIUM AUSTRALIAN SURFBOARD BLANKS, RESINS AND FIBERGLASS  MATERIALS IN OUR MANUFACTURING.

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