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As all Crystals come from within the earth each one holds its own unique subtle energy and vibration. This energy and vibration comes from all that has touched it and all that it may have experienced over time. This is the reason for cleansing. This allows and makes way for your personal vibration and energy to be transmitted into the Crystal.


There are several ways in which you may choose to cleanse your crystals.

1/ RUNNING WATER - Hold your crystal under cold to luke warm running water for one to three minutes with a clear relaxed mind. As you hold the crystal, you say your dedication (see below). The purpose of the Dedication is to clear any unwanted energy that does not belong to you.

2/ SEA WATER - Take the crystal to the Sea and allow the water to run over them. Sit quietly and relax your mind. Three to five minutes will be fine, but you can do it longer if desired. State your dedication while crystal is in the water. Afterwards place your crystal in the sun to energise.

3/ SUNSHINE - Sit quietly outside and hold your crystal in a closed hand. State your dedication then leave in the sun for the day. This may be placed in the garden, lawn, table or ledge. This is a quick and easy method and the crystals love it.

4/ SMUDGING - This is another effective method of cleansing and purifying your crystals. Not only is this brilliant for crystals, it is very effective for the home, car or people.

WHAT IS SMUDGING? - Smudging is the process of cleansing/purifying by action of smoke. The burning of dried herbs has for many centuries and through various cultures been used for cleansing of people, places, spirits and of course crystals.

HOW TO SMUDGE - Light a smudge stick over a fire proof container, and hold this in one hand. Once the smoke starts to build, move the crystal through the smoke with your other hand, stating your Dedication of cleansing over the crystal as it moves through the smoke.

The smudge sticks are available in various herbs designed for various purposes. These may be purchased from most New Age stores. Safety First: Ensure the smudge stick is completely extinguished and placed in your container at the conclusion of the smudge. How to make a smudge stick will be available in our full version eBook.

5/ FULL MOON - You may leave the crystal in full moon light, one night before the full moon and the night of the full moon. Your crystal can be placed inside on a window sill or outside in the garden (But remember where you left it!). When you place the crystal in the chosen spot, stand in the full moon and state your dedication.

6/ CONTAINER OF SALT WATER - You can use the salt water from the beach by collecting in a container, or alternatively use rock sea salt from a health food store that you can mix a hand full into a large container of filtered water. As you place the crystal in the water state your dedication and leave from 6 hours up to 24 hours. Rinse under cold water and leave in sun to dry or wipe down with a soft cloth.

DEDICATION Template – Basic Version (Full version in eBook)

This can be spoken out loud or said in your thoughts. The spoken word is much more powerful though. The dedication is said or thought during any one of the cleansing methods above.

- “Mother Earth, Father Sky…”, “God almighty…”, “Earth angels of peace…”

(Please choose words in which you relate to. Use your own words for a divine being your revere)

- Example: “Please remove all energy from this crystal bringing it back to neutrality and to its maximum abundant power.”

- “Thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done.” Always give thanks and gratitude on your closing.

These words are purely a guide line. You will develop your own words with practice Choose something you aspire to.

All of the above methods are easy and effective and do not require a great effort. The main consideration is to believe your intention to be true. State your desire with powerful intent. Crystal energy will respond to your every word, and will input the intention that you choose to place within it.


Before programming my crystals I like to awaken them. This can be done easily using sound. Tibetan prayer bells, a crystal singing bowl, a Tibetan brass bowl or a musical instrument that produces a gentle high pitched sound. The preference is that the instrument produces a high frequency note. Place the crystal in the vicinity of the instrument and play the instrument for one to two minutes. The vibration of sound aligns the energy of the crystal structure such that it can be efficiently directed and is ready to be programmed.


Please download free info sheet on Crystals for complete programming guide.

Enjoy your most precious gifts from the earth.

Jo Barber
Master of Crystology

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