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Where To Get Cheap Items To Sell On eBay offline?

This article will answer these questions: <br>
Where do you go? <br>
Is there somewhere local I can go to find great deals? <br>
If so, where are they? <br>
What proof is there that these local places really work? <p> <p>
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Getting cheap items to sell on eBay doesn't just happen. <br>
You will need to do research - but what if you do not have loads of time? <p>
 The biggest tip I can give you and that I do myself is this:
Go to your local $2 shop - in Australia we have places such as The Reject Shop, Aldi, Shiploads etc etc - these type of shops buy in a huge bulk quantity, they also buy items from businesses that are going out of business, and so can offer you fabulous cheap items - they also have huge clearance tables and this is where you want to be buying. <p>Get Slippers at the end of winter for 50c a pair - they have 10 pairs to buy -what are you going to do? You are going to  buy the lot. <br> WHY? because then you need only do one listing (with variations) saving you time! <p>
Sometimes you can still buy items at full price from these stores (brand new and packaged) and resell them for 10 times there value on eBay.<p><p>
Why would anyone want to buy these items on eBay, when they can go into the store and buy them themself?<br>
Do you know anyone who works full time, who just has no access to these stores because they are too busy? <br>
Do you know anyone who lives out in the Rural areas of Australia and they just do not have access to these type of stores? <br>
Do you know anyone who doesn't want to be seen in a cheap $2 shop?
These people are your target market... <p>
Do you know that I sell items through eBay that are sold in my local $2 shop to people living in my own home town? <br> That is a true story! <p>
So where else can you go to find items for resell on eBay? <p>
An under-utilised place is your local market or secondhand shop. Just recently the local secondhand shop had a sale. <p> Fill a bag for $5 -  I went to see what was available and  rolled each piece of clothing tightly so that I could fit them all into my plastic bag that the store supplied, I managed to squeeze in 20 items - it worked out that each item cost me 25c each. <p>
What did I get in my bag?<p>
4 girls tops - 2 were Pumpkin Patch - sold $28.95 <br>
1 girls dress - sold $9 <br>
2 x baby jumpsuits  - sold $16 <br>
1 x Hawthorne Hawks baby jumpsuit  - sold $17 <br>
1 x jeans - Pumpkin Patch - sold $10 <br>
2 x Jackets - saddle club - $13 sold one still have the other one for sale (wink)<br>
2 x baby overalls - sold $20.90 <br>
1 x hand knitted cardigan - sold $9 <br>
1 x Colts R & M Williams Shirt Size 10 - Sold $27.45 - this sold within 3 days of listing <br>
and I still have some items listed (5) that I have yet to sell. <p>  So  out of a $5 bag of 20 items - in a two week period I sold 15 of them and made a total (without postage) of $151.30 (an article on saving on postage in Australia is coming soon) <p>
Not bad - now multiply that by 10 bags and you start seeing how you can make good money on eBay. <p> <p>
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