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KEYWORDS SELL - that is an undisputed fact of eBay. The vast majority of all purchases made on eBay are used by item searches, not category searches.  A keyword is simply a popular word or phrase used to search for any particular item. This is also why so many sites and products specialising mis-spelt title searches are around.

When writing your listing title, first look to see what other people are selling, but also think how are you going to search for it. By name, brand, size, colour etc. That's your first idea for your title.

When you have found the item, look at how they are being described - New, Mint, BNIB (Brand New In Box) or BNWT (Brand New With Tags). From the search results you will also see which items have the most bids. This should also help you on your way to a perfect title! It is important to point out at this stage - Do Not Copy Another Listing Word For Word! You are only asking for a slap from eBay and your listing will be removed - then nobody will be able to find it!

Whilst looking at the search results, look at the left Navi-bar to see what categories your item falls into. There may be one clear obvious choice, but likewise, you may have 250 matches on two separate categories. In this case, it is definitely worth listing your item in both to maximise viewers.

If you already have a shop, you can look at your Omniture Traffic Reports to gain an idea of what people are searching for to come to you - use your existing customer information and build on it. My Other Guide explains in more detail how this works.

So now you know how the buyers are listing your items, but what about other sellers? You have already previously identified possible categories from the left navi-bar, but now you need to know what buyers are looking for in those categories...

Helpfully, eBay has a section that lists the most popular keywords - the link is hidden away at the bottom of the homepage, but to save you looking HERE IT IS !! This will show you the most searched-for terms overall, however This eBay Page breaks it down by specific category, and even sub-categories!

Now you have everything you need to write a good title for your listing - your own perspective as a buyer, other sellers' successful titles, shop traffic reports and even other buyers' choice of search words!

Since finding this section of eBay, and putting the category keyword to good use, I have doubled the number of hits to my listings, and my sales have increased by nearly 30%


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