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You’ve probably read all about 6 inch heels and 2 inch heels, and everything in between, but it’s often hard to visualize heel heights. Read through our handy guide and find some tips for choosing the ideal heel height for you.
Customised heel height
The beauty of designing your own shoes is being able to choose a heel height that’s right for you.
choose between stiletto, block and wedge heels. Not all of our heel shapes work in all heights. The designer will soon tell you if something is incompatible. Have a play and see! When choosing heel height, first consult your wardrobe. Do you own a pair of shoes that are the perfect height for you? Start from there.

Ballet flats
If you’re not one for heels, then ballet flats are for you. Forget about cost-per-wear and think about cost-per-mile! You can clock up a lot of kilometres in these.
Remember that ballet flats are just that - flat. So while some assume that ‘flat’ equals ‘comfortable’, it’s not always the case. Check your wardrobe to see what kind of shoes suit you best. If ballet flats aren’t it, then go for a short heel instead.

2 inch heel
This stiletto heel provides enough lift to give your step a spring, but it’s not too high that the balls of your feet will be aching all day.
This kitten heel looks particularly cute in a slingback. If you prefer your heel shorter again, there’s also the option for a 1½”. Wear this if you’re on your feet all day but want the femininity that comes with a heel.

3 inch heel
This is what most would classify a classic heel height. It’s perfect for the office, and looks great in a round, pointed, or peep toe.
Not a fan of a stiletto heel? With this heel height you can choose a block heel instead.

4 inch heel
This is sassy and classy and is perfect for those after-work activities and weekend dinners. The 4” heel is guaranteed to transform you into your most elegant self.
With that elegance comes a fairly high angle. By changing the height slightly, you can add a toe platform, which some ladies prefer.

4.5 inch heel
This shoe gives you height but also the stability of a platform. The design also showcases the block heel, but looks equally as gorgeous with the stiletto.
While this is still quite a high heel, it’ll still give you a lot of mileage.

6 inch heel
A 6” heel is gorgeous, but it is high and isn’t for everybody, and that’s okay. With a large toe platform, they're certainly not unbearable to wear, but unless you’re a pro, you may need to follow our tips for walking in them.

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