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Finding Our Lost City of eBay Stores



The purpose of this guide is to give you clear information on how to find eBay Stores and all those wonderful items that you can no longer immediately see.

This guide will include pictures showing you exactly how to do just that

Previously you could type in search phrase, lets use the word costume, and it the eBay search facility would bring all the Auction items and Buy it now items listed first followed by the eBay store items.

As of a short while ago this has been ended by eBay.

Now you have to go an extra step or two to find those fabulous store items

A brief summary on listing formats first

Auction - items are set at a minimum price by seller and you the buyer gets to bid against other buyers until the Auction is ended. Auctions can be 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 days in length - You may or may not win the item

BINS - Buy It Nows - items are set at a fixed price by the seller and you the buyer gets to purchase the item immediately. However BINS are only listed for 1, 3, 5 , 7 or 10 days Maximum.

Store Buy it Nows - items are set at a fixed price by the seller and you the buyer gets to purchase the item immediately and also to purchase other items located within the store at the same time and have the bonus of having one invoice sent to you with all items combined for a lower postage amount than purchasing the items seperately. - Store items are run generally on either a 30 day cycle or a GTC (Good till Cancelled) cycle.

Often the items are in multiples, so if you are looking for more than one of the particular item say with Beads, Stickers, Fishing Lures, Makeup, Stamps, Batteries, socks whatever it may be that you need more than One of the Same item then locating it in a store is your best bet.

So what do you do to find these marvellous well prices Buy it RIGHT now eBay STORE items ? Well this is where this guide comes in handy and I hope it will help buyers out there find their way back to our Lost City of Stores :)

There are a few great simple ways to find all your favourite eBay stores again


Picture one shows from entering via the eBay Home Page, you come to a search page.

Put in a word - say costume. Now see the three tabs up the top


It says on the 3 yellow tabs under Make Dads Day

All Items/ Auctions/ Buy It Now

Use the Buy It Now Button This will bring up all the buy it nows, short term and and more importantly all the eBay Store items :)



Now another way to search for eBay stores is in the following picture

When you go into search for a item on eBay there will always be the Menu to the left with various search options


To Search for the eBay Store items tick the box called Buy It now Items

As Shown in the picture below As above you will get all the buy it nows, short term and more importantly all the eBay Store items :)




Last But not least when you are searching for a item at the very bottom of each page it has

See Additional Buy it Now Items from eBay Store Sellers


See Additional Buy It Now items from eBay store Sellers )



One more Quick Link to help you find eBay Stores Quickly

Click Here - To add this link to your Favourites - Finding items in eBay stores

This link goes straight to the eBay Stores Page

In the very top left hand corner put in the item you are searching for and hit the SEARCH button.- Easy :)



There are lots of different Search Functions available and a lot of different ways to customize your search page.

I have written this guide specifically on being able to easily find Store items once again in the easiest and quickest way possible :)



I hope you find it helpful and are well on your way to find some great eBay STORE Bargains


Cheers for now :)


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