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How to fix a basic ding or fracture on your surfboard

Step 1.
Make sure the ding is thoroughly dry. Clean the area trimming broken fiberglass edges with a blade knife and then sand with coarse sandpaper to ensure a proper resin bonding. Mask around the area to stop resin run off.

Step 2.
Mix up resin thickener and fill ding cavity to overcapacity

Step 3.
Leave to harden overnight

Step 4.
Sand the ding using fine sandpaper till flush with board.

Step 5.
Cut some fiberglass cloth to cover the ding. This will seal the repair and create flexibility and strength.

Step 6.
Mix up resin and pour over ding. 
Correct mixing procedures are critical. U se measuring cups to mix the two-part ingredients.

Step 7.
With paintbrush work the resin into the glass cloth making sure to get all the air bubbles out at the same time. Working around to create an even flow.

Step 8.
Leave to harden overnight.

Step 9.
Sand the ding flush using fine sandpaper.

Step 10.
Polish with a rag and fine cutting compound.

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Equipment required :-

☆Polyester resin
☆Polyester hardener
☆Resin thickener 
☆Fibreglass cloth
☆Coarse and fine sanding paper
☆Masking tape
☆Measuring  cup
☆Stirring sticks
☆ 1 inch paintbrush

With practice, you will find repairing your own surfboard easy and fulfilling.
At a minimum charge of around $30.00 for a basic ding repair and at least a week waiting for its return, its nice to know you can take care of your own surfboard.

Don't forget the Personnel Protective Equipment .....

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