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Before selling your item consider these things....

Make sure you describe the item to the best of your ability. Keeping potential bidders well informed is the key. This allows the bidder to make up their minds on the item based on real facts.  Be totally honest. There is nothing worse than buying something that is not as described. This might get you negative feedback.  The buyer doesn't want to pay for postage again.  Mention all flaws.

The layout, colour scheme & format can make a difference.  There's nothing like a well presented document or item.

The photographs have to be clear, the more pictures of different angles the better the result you will get.  As a person I like to know exactly what im going to be bidding on.  I recommend a 3.1 Megapixel digital camera or better. Anything less will not give you the quality photographs you need.  The photographs should be taken as close as possible of the item for a more detailed viewing.  Also consider how you would like to pose your item, the background and the use of props may or may not be a good idea.  Its all up to you.

There are loads of listing options on Ebay for example picture size, gallery etc. to enhance your listing.  Consider which one you may need to make your item more presentable. You don't have to go with the extra's but they do help.

Keep your auction prices as low as possible to begin with.  I generally start with the minimum price that I want for an item keeping in mind that if I was to ask for more than the item is worth I may not get a bid.  Listing again costs money! 

Shipping/postage Keep this to a minimum.  I recommend that you charge what Australia post is charging. I use Red Parcel Post prepaid satchel bags that take weights of up to 500grams and the next size up takes up to 3kg.  You won't pay more than $10 for the large back and the smaller one costs around $6.50.

Use your help files whenever possible and if you have loads of items to list, download Ebay's free Turbo Lister. It will make your job much easier and you can even schedule a date and a time for your items to be listed on.  You can even start each item a few minutes apart if you wish.  This is easy to use.

Just remember that the main ones are a good Description, Honesty and Photograph.  You can keep it simple, but the more of a description the item has, more chances of it being sold. 

  This is an example of a photograph of shoes which I have sold on Ebay. This picture wasn't too good as the shoes weren't so white, nor was the picture taken close enough.  You wouldn't want to take a photograph any further away than this so that it may be viewed properly.  On the description I added that the shoes look whiter than usual because of the sunlight.

I hope this helps you somewhat.


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