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There are all sorts of people in this world and that's exactly why you must investigate all there is to know about a seller and your intended purchase before bidding takes place.  Know what you are doing before hand in other words. 

FEEDBACK - Looking at feedback and reading comments left by other buyers is necessary to not only enlighten you on consumers experiences with that particular seller, but also to give you a better perspective on whom you are going to be dealing with.

99 - 100% feedback is good indication of a trustworthy seller, though I would still encourage you to read them as neutal comments don't affect the rating.

What to do when there is only a few minutes left and you really want that item?  I learnt this lesson thee hard way !

In a situation where there are only minutes or seconds to bid on a bargain you must read the feedback, ask questions, read the description & when buying overseas note that there may be stamp duty & a tax fee.  Be well informed by reading the help files provided.  Anything less is gambling! 

ASK QUESTIONS - Ask lots of questions before bidding on the item or buying it.  Make sure that all your questions and curiosity about the item are answered before making that bid to avoid dissapointement.  Gather all the information necessary to have the correct picture in your head of what you are actually buying.  DO NOT make assumptions.  Sellers sometimes type a short description of the item making it impossible for the buyer to get the full picture of what they're actually selling. 

PICTURES - You cant judge a product by the pictures provided alone because they can be enhanced to make a product look much better than it actually is. DONT go by the picture alone.  Generally the more pictures there are in an advertisment the better.  You must also ask questions and read the description as stated below.

DESCRIPTION - Read all of the advertisement to give you an idea of what youre getting.  Especially any fine print.  You will need to know how much you are paying for postage and if this is not in the description then you will have to ask the seller.  Give the seller your location and ask for a quote.

OVERSEAS PURCHASES - Note that Australian Customs will charge a STAMP DUTY FEE of 15% & another 10% GST on imported items which total $200 Australian dollars or more.  This is calculated using  the cost of the item plus shipping combined    A whopping total of 25% more!  That's a quarter of your purchase price plus shipping on top of what you've already spent.  Eg: A $200 overseas purchase (including shipping in that total) would cost you another $50 at customs making your purchase total $250 Australia Dollars. 

There are many other things to consider when Ebaying.  Read your Ebay help files and get the upper hand!


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