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                         IRON CROSS 1957 TYPE 1 - 2nd CLASS ON RIBBON                     IRON CROSS 1957 TYPE1 - 1st CLASS WITH PIN

                               3 PIECE CONSTRUCTION WITH IRON CORE                                3 PIECE CONSTRUCTION WITH IRON CORE


                       I                                           KNIGHTS CROSS OF THE IRON CROSS WITH 800. SILVER HALLMARK

                                                                     ON FRAME , 3 PIECE CONSTRUCTION WITH IRON MAGNETIC CORE


Experienced Collectors of rare 1957 Pattern Type 1 and WWII German Iron Crosses already know this.

Firstly, an original WWII or early 1957 1st Pattern is of the very highest quality. Study pictures, especially on auction and websites before committing to a purchase, see the German superior quality, all around fine sharp details. The cross itself will be made of three parts, examine the edge of the cross when you have it in your hand, you will see a continuous seam right around the entire edge of the cross- this being the joint of the two connecting German silver frames.

Early TYPE 1 crosses have a centre core - take a simple fridge magnet, the core being made of IRON, you magnet will adhere (stick) to it. When you first see an early type 1957 pattern or even a WWII awarded Iron Cross, you will be amazed by the German quality, with beautiful high polished silver frames, the iron core is perfectly flat as it is made from a thin sheet or iron, with a smooth matt black finish.

A Chinese Copy on the other hand, will look greatly inferior to the above description. It is made from a one piece poor construction of hot metal poured into a mould (casting method), this production method is cheap and nasty. This un-even cooling down process causes pitting (pot) holes all over and other imperfections. Being made of a soft metal, the cross is weak and with a bit of pressure, bends easily out of shape, and the main point being of course, it has no iron core, so your magnet will fall to the floor.

Even blind Freddy is able to distinguish an original  German made Iron Cross WWII or 1957 pattern 1st Type from a Chinese, Indian, Korean, Russian or even a Polish made copy.

Hopefully this has been of some help and has enabled the reader to distinguish what is authentic and what is a copy (fake).

Regards from the Team at Elite

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