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It is shocking how many so-called Solid Gold and Genuine Gemstone jewellery items I have seen up for auction or for sale on eBay that are very clearly fakes. The saddest thing is seeing people bidding on these very same items. Because of this, I would like to share with you a couple of sure fire ways to weed out these tricksters from us genuine and honest sellers who are having a hard time getting our items seen amongst the so many fraudulent listings out there.

Now there are already many reports that advise against buying from sellers who do not accept paypal, and yes indeed, no-one is going to want to sell fake jewellery through paypal when paypal can take that money back and refund it once the buyer discovers that they have been duped. I personally believe that the most important thing of all is to read the comments people have left in a sellers feedback profile.

Don't just go by the feedback score, do a little research. Many who have left negative feedback will mutually agree to withdraw that same feedback on a promise from the seller to refund them their money once they do. Once feedback has been mutually withdrawn, it can not be reversed, wether the seller comes through with his promise of a refund or not. Also many will either not leave a negative or will mutually agree to withdraw feedback in order to not end up with a big red mark left on them in return. Nevertheless, you will very soon be able to read between the positives, as the comments will remain. I have also seem many follow ups from people who left a positive initially, then were sadly informed later that their precious item was in fact a fake.

Despite all of this, there are other ways to recognize these tricksters, and I would like to share with you a couple of techniques I use myself to sort the weeds (-: from the clay.

If you are considering buying from a particular seller, go to their store. See if they have any Emerald jewellery items for sale, and look well at the pictures. Emeralds should have inclusions. It is called 'Jardin', which means Garden, and is one sure fire way to tell if an emerald is genuine. Emeralds without visible inclusions are rare and very expensive. They can be found on eBay to be sure but no seller could afford to give such gems away over and over and over again for next to nothing. If you can see no signs of inclusions, this should be enough to arouse your suspicions to look a little deeper.

I have often looked and seen these so called solid gold and emerald items being sold here on eBay, and with one look I can tell it is just a piece of glass or similar. Rubies are another gem in which inclusions are considered normal. In fact a flawless ruby is currently more expensive than a flawless diamond. I am not saying that if you see an item selling here on eBay that shows no obvious inclusions that it is a fake. We do have sellers here who sell some marvellous AAA grade gemstones. What I am saying is that for me personally, this is enough of a reason for me to investigate a little further before I would place a bid or purchase the item. 

If I have visited a store and have seen photo after photo of what appear to be flawless emeralds and rubies, it is like an alarm going off reminding me to be wary. With a quick check of the sellers feedback and a shake of my head, my suspicions are usually confirmed. Yep, another dodgy seller giving eBay sellers a bad name and ripping of another unsuspecting customer. Its sad but true, they are out there listing their items this very moment. Once one Store and ID has been shut down, they just open another couple of Stores under a new Identity.

If you have been ripped off by one of these unscrupulous sellers, please make sure that you report them to eBay. And if you haven't and do not desire to be, please do your research. There are some really good reports on eBay and elsewhere with advice and pointers on how not to become another statistic, and some really decent sellers too. I wish you well on your eBay adventure, and may you snap up a wonderful product that will last you a lifetime, and your childrens after that.

Regards Nicole

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