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For PSP Owners: MagicGate Unknown and Incorrect User Capacity
  1. In your PSP Menu screen, go to Memory Stick, press the Triangle button, then select Information. Genuine SONY will display as MagicGate Supported. If you see Unknown or Unsupported then you know you have a FAKE Sony!
  2. Genuine Memory Stick displays User Capacity: 8GB as 7687MB or 7763MB; 4GB as 3839MB; 2GB as 1909MB or 1910MB ; 1GB as 956MB.
  3. Fake Memory Sticks displays User Capacity: 8GB as 7727MB or 7839MB; 4GB as 3876MB 2GB as 1937MB or 1949MB or 1956MB or 1959MB; 1GB as 969MB of memory space when being tested.
  4. Most fakes have HALF or less than half of the usable capacity from the stated capacity. The only bullet-proof way to find out its real capacity is to try transferring as much data as possible to your card and then READ BACK data from the card to see if it will actually hold close to the stated capacity with no sign of missing files or data corruption.
  5. Genuine card has high transfer speed at about 80Mbps while Fake has painfully much slower transfer speed.
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