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Hi and I'm back yet again to give you some information on exactly how to use your new loose powder pigments and or glitters!

I have recently discovered a GREAT range of cosmetics by NYX in loose powders and glitters called: 'ULTRA PEARL MANIA' and 'GLITTER MANIA'.

I have begun selling these and after having a play with them myself and trying different techniques I thought I would give you a few pointers on these awesome products and how to apply them as most of us are still stuck using the pan eyeshadows and are unsure about these loose pigments!

First of all I am basing my pointers on the NYX range as mentioned above....but you can use these techniques for any loose powder pigments like MAC and even mineral pigments.

The first tech is applying it dry:

As the NYX bottles are small - its a lot easier if you have a spare jar with a secure lid to mix and play with your pigment. Any clean plastic jar is fine - even pill boxes with pop lids or clean empty lipgloss jars are great to use for this.

Using a soft but firm flat eyeshadow brush take some of the pigment out of your NYX jar and add it to your clean empty jar - I like to use the lid mainly for one colour and the actual jar for mixing colours.

Start with a small amount of pigment in the lid and swirl your brush till its loaded.

Tap off the excess and apply to your lids. Apply as little or as much as you like.

This tech gives a sheer-er colour wash over your lids.

The second tech is using a medium to fix the pigment so it lasts longer on your lids:

Now you can use a store bought product like 'Urban decay primer potion' or 'MAC fix+', a mixing medium OR strangly enough you can use 'Visine eyedrops'! I haven't tried the eyedrops - but it works well apparently - keeping pigments in place but the colours end up a little less vibrant.

To use the Mixing Medium (available in my store) all you need to do is mix a few drops of medium and a few drops water into the lid of a clear jar or I use a clean empty eyeshadow compact - i put the medium in the pan and the pigment in the lid.

Thats it. That is all you will need to use your Mixing medium!

Basically the ratio is 1/4 part medium to 3/4 parts water.

Now how to use this medium!

You can also have your pigments ready in another lid for mixing. Never dip a wet brush into your pigment jar - keep ur pigments clean and fresh!

Dip your eyeshadow brush in the medium and remove excess on the back of your hand - you just want to coat the bristles evenly in the medium.

Dip into your loose pigments (that are waiting in your empty eyeshadow compact lid or jar) mix the pigments into the brush and apply to your lids. Repeat this application to desired effect and colour vibrancy is achieved.

Remember to use a clean brush for each pigment colour and another few drops of medium in a separate container to mix. You will keep all your colours clean n vibrant without a mess!

This Tech is GREAT for long lasting colour - great colour vibrancy - and blending!


Try not to use foundation or concealer creams on your lids as this causes the lids to become oily and you will find that you end up with creases in your shadow. This may be appropriate ONLY for people with dryer skins.


Again you will need some sort of fixing medium to keep glitter on longer.

For INTENSE wear and SPARKLE the best option is eyelash glue/adhesive - LOL - YES I SAID EYELASH GLUE!

Place a little of the glue in a lid or even the back of your hand - and mix with the glitter into a brush - apply to lids for intense sparkle - this is also perfect for creating your own glitter liners! I have starter kits available in my store.

- For less intense sparkle you can mix with moisturiser and make a glitter cream for body

- mix it with hair gel for glittery hair.

- mix into nail polish.

- dab a little onto lips over lipgloss or lipstick for glittery lips.

or apply it over cream based eyeshadows for glittery lids.

The EYELASH glue tech is AWESOME for eyes. You can add a hit of sparkle any wear on the lids - corners of eyes - outer eyes - its up to you!

Apply it over your eyeshadow for best effect and keep you eye closed after you have applied it so it dries nicely. The sparkle effect will be HEAPS better after it dries so don't worry if the glitter appears dull right after you put it on.

I hope I have encouraged you to take a step into loose powders! They are sooooo versatile and look amazing on. The colours available are fantastic and you can create a whole new eye look for yourself!

Step into 2008 and get creative! For extra tips google loose pigment or MAC etc and you will see how the pigments can look on your eyes - there is a million photos on the web.......heaps of application, blending, storage etc tips.

Thanks for reading and if you have any other questions please ask me! I am more than happy to help!




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