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How to properly store your items and make sure that the bag seals 100%.

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Firstly, what we all need to understand is that vacuum storage bags are made of plastic, very thin plastic. So we need to make sure when we are vacuuming up the bag with our items inside it, the bag tends to crease and fold. With the bag doing this I have found out that over a period of time this becomes a weak spot.

Never overfill the bag with too many items and when filling it never put hard items such as plastics and woods which may rip a hole in the bag. Place all items into the bag carefully, making sure you are not put an excessive amount of pressure on the seal of the bag. If your items have zips and buttons, ensure you fold these items inwards so they are not exposed directly to the plastic as this is a common cause of bags being ripped especially when moving the compressed bag to its final storage location.

When placing your items in the bag, try and place a soft easy air accessible item directly underneath the valve, this will make the vacuum process go much faster as the air can be drawn out at a higher volume. Ensure the all items are placed evenly into the bags and don’t forget to leave some room for the zip to seal up once filled.

When doing up the slider, move it back and forth a few times, you have to make sure that it has sealed 100% before you start the vacuum process.  Before using the slider, it is best to click the seal in manually in a few places to make it easier for the slider to move across, this will help and also ensure the seal doesn’t get creased into the wrong position

When you are vacuuming the air out, gentle press with your hands along the bag, this is good for two reasons, it helps remove the air quicker and also evens out the items in the bags making sure you get a flatter pack making it much easier to store.

When you have vacuumed up the bag, a great tip is to leave the bag for at least 2 to 3 hours to get those items in there to really settle and get there positions, and vacuum again once more to ensure you get all the air out of the bag.

When storing the bags, don’t throw them, as this can cause the one way valve to move, if the one way valve moves the bag will reinflate. When placing your vacuum bags on top of each other, always place the valves away from each other; this will eliminate the valves hitting each other which can damage the valve and cause the bags to also reinflate.

I hope the above has answered any of your questions.

For more information and how to purchase Vacuum Storage Bags, please click here!

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