HP 1020 laserjet printer

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This is a great budget laser printer with an extremely small footprint.


Printing speed is close to advertised, I get about 12 - 14 ppm out of it, and this doesn't drop regardless of how much graphics you have on the page.
Output quality is reasonable, not great, but better than some of the other printers in this price range.

Running costs:

Very, very cheap to run. You can get compatible toner cartridges for around $40 AUD (so 30 USD) on ebay, that will give you about 2000 pages at 5% text coverage. I've used 5 or 6 of these so far and haven't had any problems whatsoever, the quality is as good as with the original $100 AUD cartridges. 2000 pages for $40 is 2 cents / page, not including paper.

I also haven't had to replace any components such as a drum, even after printing about 10,000 pages.


Depending on the paper stock you use and the environment you're using the paper in, you may get some page curling, which is annoying, but manageable - you just need to clear the output tray a couple of times during 100 page jobs.

If you don't riffle the wad of paper before you load it into the printer, you may sometimes get two pages being drawn through at the same time. You can avoid this by riffling the paper and blowing between the sheets before you load it.

Heavier matte or glossy paper stocks (> 120 gsm) sometimes get pulled through the printer two at a time, so you have to be a bit careful when using these. I've managed to do flyer runs of 500 flyers on glossy paper tho, so it is OK.


A great very cheap and very low running cost printer, 8 / 10 stars from me.
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