HTC Windows Phone 8S Buying Guide

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HTC Windows Phone 8S Buying Guide

Despite being relatively late to the smartphone market, Windows teamed up with one of the major smartphone market leaders, HTC, in order to match their marketplace rivals with the release of the HTC Windows Phone 8S.

The device was released initially in Canada in 2012 and is only sold in a limited number of countries, excluding the United States of America. It is generally considered to be the little sister to the HTC Windows Phone 8X, which had a worldwide release.

HTC Windows Phone 8S Specifications

In order to know whether a smartphone is best suited to one's personal needs, it is best to thoroughly go through the various specifications of the device to ensure that it matches up to requirements.

Whilst some may require a smartphone with a large memory, others may simply prefer a model with a high performing camera.

This table clearly provides the various specifications required to decide as to whether the HTC Windows Phone 8S is a suitable purchase for the buyer:


HTC Windows Phone 8S


The size of a phone can play an important role in determining the portability of the phone.

The HTC Windows Phone 8S is 120.5 millimetres in height, 63mm in width, and 10.28mm in depth.

The device weights 113 grams with the battery inserted.


The screen of a phone is commonly measured diagonally, between the two corners of the screen.

The HTC Windows Phone 8S has a 4 inch screen with a WVGA (Wide Visual Graphics Array) resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.

It is an LCD touch screen that using Gorilla Glass technology to provide as much damage limitation as possible.

Operating System

The operating system used in this device is Windows Phone 8. However, like most smartphone operating systems, Windows regularly release updates for download.


The device is powered by 512MB RAM and there is 4GB worth of internal storage memory.

If one needs more storage, the HTC Windows Phone 8S allows for a microSD card to be used. This can expand the storage of the device up to 32GB. It is worth noting that this card can be removed and used alongside other devices with microSD drives (the card is not included in the purchase of the phone and needs to be purchased separately).


The HTC Windows Phone 8S is completely Wi-Fi enabled for web browsing and cellular data information.

The phone is also fitted with Bluetooth 3.1.


The 8S has one main camera on the rear of the device.

The camera is 5 Megapixel and is capable of recording 720p video.

HTC Windows Phone 8S Additional Features

The HTC Windows Phone 8S has a few features integrated into its design that make it stand out from some of its competitors. These additional features can make a difference as to whether a HTC Windows Phone 8S is the smartphone of choice:

· Optimised Battery: One of the major complaints from users of smartphones is that the battery life of the device does not match up with the amount of usage required from the phone. With the HTC Windows Phone 8S having been designed with an embedded 1700 mAh Li-ion battery, the battery life (compared to usage output) is considerably better than a number of its marketplace competitors.

· Beats Audio: One of the main design features that make the HTC Windows Phone 8S stand out from the crowd is its audio playback capabilities. The handset is fitted with Beats Audio speakers, a speaker system that means that the device plays audio from the likes of music, videos, and games at a higher quality than the majority of other smartphone speakers. These speakers mean that bass is deeper, vocals are clearer and the audio is well balanced from the low end to the higher end.

· Colourways: The design of the device is another feature that the manufacturers of the HTC Windows Phone 8S are proud of. A lot of the device's contemporaries utilise simple, less colourful designs. However, the 8S uses a ‘colour-dipped' accent to add a twist to their design. There are four colourways available for the 8s:

- Navy & Royal Blue

- Black & Grey

- Grey & Luminous Green

- Red & Sunburnt Orange

How to Buy a HTC Windows Phone 8S on eBay

Out of the smartphones available on eBay, the HTC Windows Phone 8S is one of the most commonly found for sale. Before viewing the regular listings for this phone, head to the specially designed Deals section to view some handpicked mobile phone offers that have been chosen for buyers looking for the best deal.

What with the choice being so vast on the site, there are a few things one should do to ensure an honest transaction on behalf of both parties takes place. After heading to the Electronics category and selecting the Mobile Phone link, make use of both the refinement tabs at the side of the page, as well as the keyword search bar, to keep the search as close to individual musts as possible.

If buying a used handset from eBay it is worth reading through a chosen seller's history and feedback when it comes to their previous sales. Also, make sure that the specifications table above matches with the information provided by the seller. Finally, get to know the ins and outs of the Bidding, Buy It Now, and Best Offer buying options before using them.


The HTC Windows Phone 8S is one of the more simple and less technologically advanced smart phones available for purchase. However, this does not mean that it cannot perform to the standards that its competitors can.

There isn't a lot that the 8S can't do and when used within its limits it can be used for a lot more than calls and texts. Buying aHTC Windows Phone 8S on eBay can mean a safe and secure purchase.

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