Hacked Memory MP4 players 8GB or 4GB

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hi there this is just to let people know the bad experience i had with this seller in relation to a  Fake MP4 player i bought (from china) which was advertised as 8GB but it was a 1GB MP4 player.

I have reported the seller to ebay and sorted my problem out although it cost me 70bux but gotta live with it. The seller has stopped selling / ebay might haveblocked him ( i suspect he might be slling under anothernew id but i cant do nothing there so be aware)

People please be aware that there are other sellers who are advertising the same type of MP4 players as 8GB or 4GB ones which in reality is 512MB or 1GB. Please dont fall in that trap (i only fell cause i was given a dishonest answer)

Oh and please research before buying any non branded MP4 players especially when they are coming from china. Most people dont check the item full storage capability when they receive the item. They only put in few songs and if it works they are happy so they leave a positive feedback therefore cant do much later on.

My only satisfaction was i left a Negative feedback !! My first one

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 And goodluck ebaying

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