Handmade Pens - Finding the Best Value?

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If you're considering a handmade pen, then most likely you appreciate quality items, and would expect to get a better quality item than a lower cost mass produced one, - sometimes it simply isn't the case!

When it comes to a handmade pen, it is not simply a case of  "you get what you pay for". There are pens regularly advertised at a cost of hundreds of dollars, which are inferior (in materials, workmanship and component quality) to others which offer incredible value at $50 or less!  The purpose of this guide is to offer some insight, by way of a few points to consider, and various aspects to look for when choosing a handmade pen, whether it be a handmade fountain pen or a handmade pen of the roller ball, ballpoint or gel variety. This is a very condensed version of my "In-Depth Guide to Choosing a Handmade Pen", which you can find at http://www.squidoo.com/handmadepen

When considering a handmade pen, a good starting point is to look first to the pen makers:

The rarest category of pen makers are the few who have a passionate interest in their work and every pen they make is a piece of fine art.  Most often these have worked at their craft for several years. This is a pen maker who works for the love of what he or she does - there are not too many of these around!

Most "handmade pen makers"  fall into the second category - people who enjoy wood turning on a lathe. Amongst this group, there are many whose understanding of pens is limited to the barrels they turn, which often results in pens being made from inferior components that simply won't last the distance, - although, in my assessment, more often as a result of lack of awareness, rather than 'cutting costs and corners' in pursuit of profiteering - which bring us to the third group.

There are certainly some ' hand made pens' (or so called), which are mass produced - with minimal hand made input, and often with little pride taken in their production.

When choosing a hand made pen, consider the pen maker

Some other factors to consider include the following:

Is your Handmade Pen Solid or Plated?
What type of material is used?
Component Quality
Threaded or Friction Fit Components
Quality of mechanisms,
  Nib or Refill Type

Of course over and above all of these considerations, there are even more.

Is it uniquely individual?
What sort of statement does it make about the user?


Do you just love the pen?

For a far more in depth guide of handmade pens, explaining platng and component types, barrel materials and various other aspects of a handmade pen,  go to my handmade pen guide at www.squidoo.com/handmadepen

Karl Phillips


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