Handmade jewellery vs Mass-Produced

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I thought that i would write this guide because as a seller i design and create all of my jewellery myself i don't have people helping me to do it money, time and energy comes from me.

The reason for this is that people see "Handmade" and automatically assume it is a One Of A Kind piece and design when in actuallity it has been mass-produced.

As a seller i find it hard to sell my pieces as they are mixed up in the cheaper priced items that have been mass-produced but stll handmade. can i reduce my prices? Yes i sure can but there are 3 very important reasons why i wont-

1 - I would be losing money and won't even be getting my money back on the supplies used

2 - I certainly don't want to make my jewellery appear 'cheap' by putting prices down

3 - To be on par with the current prices i would have to use cheaper and inferior supplies - Something i am NOT prepared to do.

I just want people to be aware that Genuinely Handmade Jewellery is more expensive than jewellery that has been Mass-Produced.

My Jewellery is Genuinely Hand-Made and although it is a little dearer than mass-produced items it is alot cheaper priced than what you would find in boutiques.

Perhaps the next time you wish to purchase jewellery you may take a closer look at the items and decide on how it is made and how original it may be.

You may buy a necklace for $10.00 including postage but how many other thousands of women are wearing the exact piece?

Designers like me make 1 piece and 1 piece only!

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