Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Script Book Review.

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Yes  it is a SCRIPT BOOK and not a novel. It is 330 pages long in script format that is 120 pages in novel format. This is a long play and a SHORT book! 
There a 3 things you can do. 1 buy at as a script and read as a script book.
                                                                          2 if you have it thought it was going to be a novel and are ticked off. Well burn it online as a protest to the writer.
                                                                           3  Or  turn it into a book by pull out the pages in the front and back of the book that have any reference to the play in any way.
Now that is settled, the story  line is weak and jumpy the concept has been used before. Changing the past to save someone from death, changes the present which is mainly bad. People are not born,  die early, do not marry or  do not have children and  the Magical Society will change with drastic  results. Unlikely children born to Unlikely parents. Unruly children head strong and will not listen to reason. While new parents of teenage children and their siblings  can not communicate or live up to expectations of their parents.  Rebel is the cause and  love wins out in the end.
See I told you the story was lame !
It is 3/10. for me  and that is at a push.


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