Have a comfortable Hunt with a Gun Sling

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Not every hunt goes as planned. Specifically, no hunt ever goes as planned. That's part of the draw to the hunt: the challenge. But some things are just a “no-brainer” when looking to make your life easier. It's important to be challenged in the hunt, but carrying an 8 to 14 pound rifle all day in the field without a bit of help is basically ridiculous. The sling takes the most important aspects of leverage and mechanical advantage and uses it in the simplest possible way to remove the headache of carrying a heavy rifle over uneven terrain for long periods of time. For the money, a sling might be one of the best values a hunter can add to their gear. You need a sling if you plan on hunting, for all the things you cannot actually plan for. When you think everything is taken care of, inevitably, you'll end up taking twice as long as you had hoped, or the hike will be twice the distance to get the animal you are hunting. You'll want to opt for an adjustable sling with padding if you can, to help spread the weight evenly over your shoulders; the sling will be able to keep the rifle from bouncing around, and help keep it in a balanced location against your body to eliminate some of the concerns in the field. A bouncing rifle exposes the gun to bumps and scratches; a heavy rifle without help to lift it can quickly become a burden in the field. A sling will counter all of these worries. 

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