Headlight Purchasing Guide

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Headlight HeadLamp

Headlight, as the name suggests, is a light installed to the front of the car. It is combined with a low beam and a high beam. Almost vehicles must be installed headlights. And they are always being used during nights, foggy weather or some dark situations that drivers cannot see clearly.

Nowadays, there are more and more headlights models in the markets, whatever original factory or after markets parts. And also different colors, styles, functions and so on. But how can you know what is the one you are pursuing for?

What Is A Low Beam?

Low beam, also called dipped beam, is a light usually used in the crowded cities, it is suitable for coming vehicles, it will not as glared as high beam for oncoming drivers.

What Is A High Beam?

High beam, also called main beam, is provided a bright, center-weighted distribution of light. They are only suitable for used when alone on the road, because the glare they produce will dazzle other drivers.

Projector Lens Advantages And Disadvantages

The difference between projector lens and conventional reflector headlights is that there is extra dome glass lens that will focus all-around lights then reflect out evenly via lens.

Conventional reflector headlights adopt the normal bulbs that radiate directly and there is no more multiple structures on it. The

On the other hand,

Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL)

CCFL, belongs to a gas dischange lamp. There are several advantages of the CCFL.

-High brightness 、high efficeincy

-Long power consumption and long lifetime

-Excellent vibration and impact resistance

-Durable and excellent blinking characteristics

-Quick start and low temperature

-Low heating

Ordering through the Internet

Most of customers probably have bad experiences with the products they order through the Internet. Because they cannot see the actual products by the Internet, so once the products they receive, it is always not the same as they imagine. Also, customers would probably do not know how to install or connect wires without car experts by them. So, first, it is pretty important to know what your car model is, such as year model. Basically, the sellers should get this information from buyers in the first condition so that they can help buyers to check their car model whether the products they ask are fitted properly with their cars.

Warranty Guide

Basically, there will probably be some issues about the products you receive, it probably being damaged on the way to the destinations. If you meet this issue, first, be sure to check clearly, then providing photos about what you receive to the sellers. Most of sellers will have a mark like a golden sticker attached the products they sell in order to recognize these products are sold by them. Then, after checking the marks, they will help us to check carefully and providing us the best solutions.


Nowadays, due to technology developemnt rapidly, more and more people purchase the merchandises via the Internet. Although it is very convenient to buy the items, there are still some risks existing.

Finally, once ordering the item from the Internet, be sure to ask to the seller before ordering and sending the items out. It is a pretty important procedure to do so to avoid wrong items or wrong models.
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