Health &Trust in Ebay

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Health & Trust in Ebay:

I have had a frightening experience on Ebay. Someone had broken into my account and had used it! The eyes of Ebay spotted this person and reeled him in.

I had a very bad habit of not reading everything that is written. I read pieces of text, thinking I have taken in what has been written. I used to think I understood it all.

How wrong was I!

I contacted Ebay in every feild that said "Contact Us"! I very quickly had responses from everything thing that I did, and every button that I pushed. I even had a call from Ebay, I had responses from 5 or 6 different Ebay Customer Service People. So friendly, so helpful, especially if you don't really understand. Ebay takes the time to talk you through any problem.

Moral of my Guide

Read everything letter to letter you get from Ebay, if you are not sure of what you are doing, or of what has been happening, re - suspicious Ebay....don't delay! The Ebay detective will be is on his way.


Thank you Ebay I feel very secure. I am not a big buyer, or seller. I love my time and the things that I get on Ebay....Its my hobby!

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