Heeled vs. Wedged Boots

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Heeled vs. Wedged Boots

Shoe trends are a huge part of many people's lifestyles. A good pair of shoes makes some people feel like a million dollars, and a having no shoes indicates poverty. So many people use shoes as a way to express themselves. They are perfect when worn with a great dress, or when worn with a plain outfit to sauce it up. Boots, in particular, are used to express one's style even when the weather is not so nice. This is especially true of high heeled and wedged boots since, due to their impractical nature, are much more likely to be worn for fashion's sake. They are so fashionable, in fact, that people in warm climates with no need for that much shelter or protection wear them.

Boots are found at many brick and mortar shops, specialty stores, and online vendors, like eBay. By looking at the definition of boots, their place in history, and the benefits and drawbacks of wearing boots, as well as heeled and wedge boots, in particular, buyers can compare the benefits of both styles to help decide which style best fits their needs.

What are Boots?

Boots are a type of footwear that conceals the foot, extending up the ankle. Sometimes boots extend past the ankle, as high as the thigh. Oftentimes, they conceal parts of the calf. A heel is almost always distinguishable as a part of the shoe, and they are made most commonly from leather or rubber. However, today they come in many different materials to accommodate for different ethical, views on sustainability, budgets, and preferences. People wear boots for both fashion and function.

Today, women almost exclusively wear heels and wedged boots, though in the 1970s many men wore a particular style of wedged boot and shoe. Popularity for heeled and wedged boots rose during the 1960s and 1970s, and dipped in the 1980s and 1990s. Like most fashion styles, it eventually experienced a rebirth.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Boots

As far as function, boots that are made out of tough and waterproof materials keep feet protected and dry. They serve as a shell, protecting feet, ankles, and calves from damage. Much of this damage is due to weather. Winter boots are very popular in colder climates, and among people who enjoy the outdoors. In terms of fashion, boots are sometimes a status symbol, or a way to show that the wearer is fashionable and current.

Many boots are made for a specific purpose. Hiking boots are made with tough, patterned soles to prevent hikers from slipping on mud and rocks. They have strong ankle support to anticipate a twist or fall, and protect the body. Likewise, many find fashion boots more attractive. They appear in fashion magazines, and worn by celebrities. However, very often they are not as durable. Materials are unlikely to be waterproof, and high sleeved boots offer little to no ankle support to protect from twisted ankles, a common concern since many fashion boots feature a high heel.

Boots come in various styles and forms. Knee-high boots extend to the knee, while thigh-high boots go above the knee, to the thigh. Moccasins are typically made of animal products, like deer hide, and usually cover the entire foot and ankle. They often feature Native American cultural embellishments. Styles include chelsea boots, cowboy boots, and Ugg boots. Sports boots are often geared toward one hobby, while work boots often serve a specific field or project. Boots are commonly worn in the military and while horseback riding, as well.

Heeled Boots

Heeled boots, especially those with a heel taller than 6.4 centimetres are seen as fashion boots. These non-utilitarian boots most often cover the entire foot and ankle, and often extend to the calf or thigh. Fashion boots have been worn since the 1800s, but did not experience a huge cultural presence until the 1920s in Russia, with Russian Boots. The 1960s and 1970s saw a hugely popular boom in fashion boot production and sale. They became a very popular item, manufactured by leading fashion designers and worn by trend-setters, most often with high heels.

Heeled boots are typically between 6.4 and 13 centimetres in height. They are not seen as practical, as walking in heels is much more difficult than with a flat sole. They are meant to improve the shape of the leg and buttocks by slimming it, and forcing the woman's bottom and chest outwards. Heeled boots can vary from conservative work-attire to scandalous streetwear. The length of the shaft and height of the heel are factors in determining the situations where a given heeled boot can be worn.

Wedged Boots

Similar to heeled boots, wedged boots are most often fashion boots. They are also known as wedge boots. They present fashion over function; however, they provide more stability than typical heeled boots do. This is due to their sole's structure. The sole extends to the heel in an upward direction, lifting the heel. The heel and the sole are, therefore, one piece.

Designer, Salvatore Ferragamo first introduced this style in the 1930s. It was later incorporated to boots. Since there is a large point of contact, wedged boots are more stable. Those hesitant to wear heeled boots may opt for wedged boots, as they are easier to walk in. Some women find them more comfortable, as pressure is more evenly dispersed throughout the foot.

Comparing Heeled and Wedged Boots

As one can see, heeled boots and wedged boots share many similarities. They take many forms, with the heel height being anywhere in a range of centimetres. The shaft can be short or long, extending to the ankle, calf, or thigh. They are both most commonly seen as fashion boots, since keeping one's foot at an angle is not practical or healthy, especially for physical activity.

Some may see wedged boots as being more of a vintage style, since they were quite popular in the 1970s. Still, the actual placement of a heel in heeled boots may make a boot look dated or current. Much of the reason why people choose one type over the other is comfort, preference, and style. Wedged boots are often more comfortable. However, one may like the look of one over the other. This may be influenced by fashion trends. Certainly, there are more heeled boots on the market than wedged boots, so shoppers are likely to find the material and style that they are looking for more easily in a heeled boot.

How to Buy Heeled and Wedged Boots on eBay

eBay has an excellent selection of a variety of products for you to search through from the comfort of your home or office. You often have a greater array to choose from on eBay than you would at a typical store, which makes it a great one stop shop. Since sellers from all over are showcasing their goods on one platform, they are more likely to offer competitive pricing.

Perhaps you are interested in finding a pair of "black wedged boots". Type this term into the search bar to return results that fit your needs. You should not forget to use synonyms to find a larger variety of search results. You can also narrow your search by using one of the search filters on the side of the page.

Surveying customer feedback is important to ensure that you have a pleasant experience with your seller. Sellers have a great deal of information on their products, so if you have a questions, please go ahead and ask. Do so before purchasing the item. Customers should be sure of their commitment to buy, so read the item description carefully and ask any applicable questions.


Heeled and wedged boots, though not often practical, are a part of popular culture. Whenever a trend gains notoriety, people make strides to incorporate it into their daily lives. This is true of these fashion boots. There are so many styles available that almost anyone can find something that like. In fact, wearing these boots may make people gain confidence.

Boots can be both authoritative, as they make women taller and are more of a fashion statement. Not only that, but the clicking of heels is also a way for many women to announce their arrival. For whatever reason, it is clear that heeled and wedged boots are part of the fashion vernacular and are here to stay.

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