Help For Men Buying Jewellery Gifts for Women

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There usually comes a time when a man will want, or can be expected to, buy a gift of jewellery for a female.   It might be that first sweetheart, your dear wife, a friend or collegue who has reached a milestone in her life worth celebrating.  Or perhaps you have several females relatives who are gemlovers like myself & it is 'gift-giving time' again.   Some men feel totally inadequate.   If you are in that league hopefully this guide will give you some ideas.

What sort of jewellery should I get?   Should it be earrings, a pendant, a ring or perhaps a bracelet or brooch?   The choice may seem undaunting!   Think about your lady.  If she has pierced ears, earrings may be a logical choice.   What style:-  well what have you seen her wear?  For an expensive gift conventional styles never date.  For a cheaper gift most women will wear the latest fashion in earrings.  Most women wear pendants;  if you have only known her for a short while they can be an ideal choice. It's hard to go wrong.  Bracelets are something most women will remember. A bracelet or pendant also are excellent choices for a "special occasion" when the woman is not someone you are romantically involved with.  Many wives & daughters love getting rings.   As long as you know a woman's tastes rings make good gifts;  particularly for anniverary presents.  If you aren't sure of her tastes,  perhaps buy something else.

What next?   Gold, silver - coloured do I know what she likes?   If the woman in your life has a special dislike of yellow gold or silver, you probably know it by now.   What does she wear?  Look at her earrings & rings.  Apart from rings;  most women will  wear of mixture of silver, white or yellow gold in their jewellery.  If you're conservative you should have no problems.  eg. black pearls go well with white gold, white pearls with yellow.   You will notice for example, looking through eBay listings  most  emeralds are set in yellow gold.   Next problem - what coloured gemstones to buy?    This can be the part some men find the most difficult. How do I decide?  Firstly ask yorself these questions:- What colours do you like?  What colours does she like?  What colours does she wear most often?  Buy a stone in that colour - or ones that matches it.  eg. If she favours 'mauve' amethyst would match it;  however amethyst would also compliments (or contast nicely) with pink or yellow as also does sapphire which ofcourse matches blue.   Pink Tourmaline or Sapphire  matches pink, compliments white, light grey & mauve and contrasts beautifully with black, brown, dark grey & even purple.   For a lady who often wears black & white, the rich red of garnet is a lovely match.   You may like to buy a gem to match her eyes or hair, such as aquamarine for blue/grey eyes, or citrine for your red-haired lovely.  Or the colour may be chosen to compliment a skin tone. eg. blue-topaz set in white gold looks lovely on a lady of African or Oceania descent, or garnet or dark blue sapphire in yellow gold looks great on a fair-skined beauty.

If you're still totally confused about colour;  you can choice opal or perhaps white pearl.   Diamonds are always welcome, though if it is a more expensive gift it is good to know if the woman prefers diamonds in white or yellow gold (for some reason it is the main stone women can have strong preferences about.)  If you take note of what colour earrings, pendants or bracelets you have seen her wear you will be able to work it out.   Another idea can be to give jewellery shaped like an animal, bird or flower she is particularly fond of.  See my examples at the end of  this guide.  Don't be scared, most women will be delighted that you thought of them.   A tasteful piece of jewellery will always be appreciated & worn even if it is not quite what she might have picked herself.   In fact it may be treasured for that very reason.

Jewellery gifts do not have to be expensive.   You will notice looking through the listings how cheaply semi-precious stones like citrine, amethyst, peridot etc can be.   (Sellers will always be happy to answer questions & will sometimes even include special wrapping if they know your purchase is if for a gift.)   Irrespective of your budget, it is always the best idea to buy quality.   A quality gold or silver item with a good small stone will be treasured for far longer than a larger item of questionable quality.   Happy Shopping and Giving.

  A purrfect gift for a cat lover! 

  Dolphins are a popular design.   This is sterling  silver with amethyst.


 A classic heart design pendant/brooch with an amethyst butterfly.

  A simple, inexpensive gift idea.  Tame colours, novelty subject!

For a more expensive gift - how do these look?  These are "classic designs" in conserative colours.

   Pearl earrings - suitable for any lady with pieced ears.

 Classic, but different pearl & diamond pendant.   Sure to be a winner.

  Emerald & diamond earrings - match for any lady with red or brown hair.

 Blue topaz & diamond - sure to please any lady with blue eyes. 

 An opal & diamond bracelet.  Conservative, but stylish.







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