Help For Rookies Here!!!

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Most ebay members are happy to help new members start their eBay experience. But BEWARE there are ebayers out there who won't touch a sale from a Rookie!  We were all Rookies once! These eBayers have usually at some stage had a few very bad experiences with Rookies. However if you communicate with them BEFORE bidding most will be very obliging! I have had a few dealings with newcomers and for the most part they are just great and such such a treat to teach.

Some little bits of advice for newcomers now!

If you're unsure of ANY aspect of the sale just email your seller,(before you bid) most ebay sellers are quite happy to answer any questions, concerning any of their items they have for sale.

Always check  for the methods of payment.There's no point bidding on an item that can only be paid for by a method that you're unable to use,( a word of advice here ;Paypal is the way to go for safe trading for you and the seller  if you're planning on a long and happy relationship in eBay land ; joining is FREE)

Always ask about postage discount. With smaller items its often to your advantage to buy more than one iten from one seller and earn a great postage discount . (look for the postage discount icon in the eBay ad.

Last of all GOOD LUCK and enjoy your eBay experience!!

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