Help and safety on ebay

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Here are some helpfull hints while using ebay

Ok so there are quite a few of us that miss spell, The importance of spelling is vital to finding the appropriate item you are potentially to bid on.

When Bidding:  check the sellers feed back : This Very important as you dont want to buy off sellers that have a substantial amount of bad feedback.

 The location: of the item: check to see that the item is in the same country as you if you are not sure ask the seller a question.

When the item ends:  I know that we have all wanted to buy some thing but have lost out by $1 as we were away from our pc at the time the item ended.

Ask questions : Contact the seller (ask seller a question) ask the seller how much postage to your area or size or anything you need to know before bidding.

Postage Costs:  You may find that there is no postage price ask seller a question tell them your post code and state and they will email you telling you the amount needed.It is very important you check postage costs as you may think you are getting a bargain until you see the postage price.

Bidding: so you have read all the fine print on the sellers page and you want to bid click on bid now and enter the maximum amount you want ebay to bid on your behalf eg $50.00.Ebay may only need to enter $34 for you to win depending on other bidders maximum price .

Watch Item In My ebay: watch the item you are bidding on in your ebay account it will tell you if you have been out bidded and then you have the option to up your bid.

Add cost and Postage Together: you must add them together before bidding to find out the total you have to pay for the item .

Winning the item: ok so you have one the item the seller will contact you and send an invoice telling you to check out or pay now with the final cost and there bank details .

Questions: If you have any questions about payment email your seller for the information you need.

Emails: It is ok to recieve emails from sellers but be warned sellers are not to ask for your account information such as credit cards or try to sell you an item out of ebay as this is un safe risky.

Ebay will email you to let you know your bid has been confirmed and if you have been out bidded also if you have or have not one the items.

I hope this information will help you to be safe on ebay and answer some of your questions Happy Bidding.


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