Help get this CHEAT off Ebay! kwayzivietnamese

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There is an eBayer called "kwayzivietnamese" who cheated me and a few other people of our money and trust!

He agreed to sell his Nokia 8800 to me but in the end he sold it to someone else for a higher price. He took MY money and never gave it back to me! I emailed him to ask if he has another Nokia 8800 that he is selling, he said "yup thats correct." He implied to me that he has another Nokia 8800 for me when he actual fact he doesn't! He said he posted the item to me on Monday 23rd Oct 2006, by EXPRESS POST. He also said it should arrive the lastest by Wednesday 25th Oct 2006. It NEVER arrived!

I emailed him again to ask for the item number located on the Express Post envelope that he said he sent the item in, but he kept avoiding it and kept explaining that he bought it in bulk. What has the item number got to do with him buying the envelope in bulk? He refused to provide me with an item number from the envelope. He refused to help me to track the item. After a few more emails, he began turning the tables around and accusing me of cheating him! I wanted him to give me my money back since there was no phone, he kept saying that he isn't able to refund me back the money since he had already sent it! If he has really sent the phone TO ME and not to someone else, WHY ISN'T HE ABLE TO PROVE IT?

This is a warning to ALL eBayers! Don't buy anything or sell anything to this dishonest eBayer. Its people like him that makes eBay unsafe for honest users. If you're a victim of this person's scam, please step forward and let everyone know his true colours. Please report him to eBay if possible. Please do whatever it takes to stop this person from cheating other people.

Thank you for your time.


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