Help in buying a Genuine Bonsai Tree

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Bonsai, (Tree in small Pot). Never have I seen anywhere else so many tree's for sale under the term Bonsai that are not Bonsai and never will than on ebay. It seems lately that everyone has a Bonsai to sell when what they really are selling you is a tree straight from a nursery, slapped into a bonsai pot and sold under the term Bonsai.  You also see people selling Bonsai seeds, there is no such thing as a Bonsai seed, a Bonsai is a tree grown from a normal tree seed or a seedling and cared for in such a manner so as to form a Bonsai. It takes years for these seeds or seedlings to become a Bonsai and in this time a lot of care goes into training the tree to grow to a shape that is pleasing and can be called a Bonsai. Whether it be a formal upright, an informal upright, a root over rock, a wind swept or one of the many other shapes these tree's can take, it is the time and effort that goes into creating these tree's that give them there name Bonsai.  There are those who think it is doing the tree harm in keeping it in such small pots and strangling roots etc but this is far from the truth, anyone who has grown Bonsai's knows that it takes a lot of time and care to create these master pieces, they must be fertilized, repotted, root pruned, watered  constantly, checked regularly for bugs and disease and generally kept in pristine condition, a lot of work indeed. I think it is a good idea for those wanting to get into Bonsai to go out and buy a book, there are heaps available on Bonsai from beginners to the experienced and are not that expensive, a lot are available here on ebay. Get a book and learn what a Bonsai really is and what it is going to take to look after one and make an informed decision on what you want to buy, this way you will avoid disappointment and have a wonderful time growing and eventually showing your Bonsai.  Hope this is of some help to those wanting to grow a masterpiece.

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