Help stop shine on your reborn

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If you are one for holding your doll head on your lap like me when micro-rooting your reborn's hair, have a clean white cotton teatowel or pillow slip over your lap. This not only catches any stray hairs but helps stop the buffering effect on the vinyl that some materials in clothing can cause. This also helps protect against rubbing or catching on things such as belt buckles, zippers or buttons etc. This idea is also handy if you have to put down your work as you just scoop the lot up in the towel to keep it altogether to finish later when the kids are in bed and you have some peace and quiet.... hahaha!

It is worth the extra dollars to always buy good quality mohair. The cheaper mohair can be very difficult to work with and strands can break quite easily or be very frizzy to the point conditioner does not smooth it out. Why go to all the effort of painting your doll and having it looking gorgeous only to have it spoiled by the look of the hair. Always insert your rooting needle in the direction you want the hair to lay on the head. If you insert it from straight up above the head, it is near impossible to get the hair to lay flat and smooth when you finish.

I very rarely break my rooting needles (am told that I am very lucky) but I always use a fresh sharp needle for each head of hair. A blunt needle will make the job so much slower and difficult and may not catch every hair (you can be left with empty holes in the head that tend to resemble 'cradle-cap' especially in the firmer vinyl heads).... not the most attractive look for your little one.

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