Help your child sleep with disney magic night lights

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Night lights are a great way to help your child who is afraid of the dark.  They provide a comforting vibe that enables your child to get to sleep easier.  If your child wakes in the night the night light will help self soothe them back to sleep .  They are also useful in helping parents not stumble around in the dark when they go to check on their child sleeping. 

Studies have shown there is no danger in using a night light for your child.  Although a study was done in 1999 that linked night lights to bad eyesight this has since been proven incorrect and they are now shown to be completely safe.  If the lights feature  your childs favourite characters this will help comfort them even more.

A great new product on the market are the disney magic night lights.  These feature either the disney princesses or winnie the pooh.  When the light is off their eyes are closed when the light is turned on they magically open their eyes.  They come as a table lamp or a cone style lamp and both types are availabe from

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