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One of the most common mistakes customers make when buying a mattress is they choose a firm mattress thinking it will be better for their back. This may have been true back in the days when box spring  beds where still used. A firm mattress is better than the old box spring however now has been superseded by medium to soft single sided mattresses.
Buyers should be looking for quality supportive spring systems. these come in the form of zoned coil spring units, sense and respond springs and individual pocket springs that may be zoned. 100 % latex mattresses or quality visco elastic mattresses are also very good. A good spring system or latex/visco elastic mattress  should contour to the body shape. therefore providing correct spinal allignment.
Many mattresses have pillowtops (eurotop/cushion top/box top). These mattresses generally have good amounts of padding to fine tune the molding to the boady shape.These tops are usually very thick on soft mattressand provide excellent comfort and support for sde sleepers. Average thickness tops usually have a medium feel which is good for side sleepers and preferable for back sleepers.
The type of padding used in mattresses is very important. It is possible to change a mattress from firm to soft by altering the type  of padding and the amount. Better types of padding or comfort layers used in mattresses are latex or visco elastic. These can be used as padding for sprung beds or a mattress can fully consist of these materials. These materials while being inherently different both provide excellent contouring qualities, therefore being better for your back. They also take pressure away form the ips and shoulders. Latex and visco elastic are also more durable than most synthetic foams.

Some other things to look for are
  • Stretch knit fabrics which increase comfort.
  • Foam box contruction increases strength especially in single sided mattresses.
  • tempering the steel increases the life of the spring
  • Guarantee
  • Note that latex or visco elastic mattresses with no springs get considerably hotter
  • Most mattresses are fine on any base or bed frame ( as long as the slats aren't too far apart.
Have fun shopping

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