Herman Miller Office Chair Buying Guide

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Herman Miller Office Chair Buying Guide

Sitting in an office all day in front of a computer, in meetings or on the phone can be tiring and cause problems with posture and back pain. As a result, it is vital that the correct office furniture is used. One of the most important pieces of furniture is the office chair. Herman Miller’s award winning designs have revolutionised the way office workers sit at their desk. Effortlessly offering assistance in every possible way, a Herman Miller office design is more than just a chair, it is intuitive to the user’s needs. eBay is an excellent location to purchase these chairs.

This guide offers advice on what to look for when purchasing a Herman Miller office chair.

The Different Types of Herman Miller Office Chairs

Herman Miller offers a range of different office chairs. These are:

Embody Chairs

The embody chair is the ideal product for business people sitting in front of the computer screen for extended periods of time. Using medical research, the embody chair is a ‘health-positive’ chair that contours the spine and offers full support for the body and therefore the mind.

Celle Chairs

The Celle chair is made out of 98% recyclable materials, is easy to assemble or dissemble for moving purposes and offers innovative support.

Aeron Chairs

The aeron chair is made up of 94% recyclable materials and accommodates and adapts to any individual who uses it. It utilises pioneer posture fit innovation.

SAYL Chairs

The SAYL chair is an excellent choice for family offices or studies. It uses suspension technology to offer an extensive range of movement for all users. It is also an affordable option.

Ergon Chair

The ergon chair is an ergonomic chair. It comes with additional padding for comfort and in two sizes to fit in any office.

Mirra Chair

The mirra chair offers maximum support via minimal materials. With a high back it offers neck support as well as support for the body while sitting.

Aqua Chair

The aqua chair is an ergonomic chair. Often with a leather finish and additional padding, the aqua chair is stylish and comfortable.

Ambi Chair

The ambi chair is a flexible and affordable option. It can be locked in to 49 different positions. A great option for any office.

Buying Considerations

Once a decision has been made to purchase a Herman Miller office chair, it is important to address the requirements of the office to ensure the correct Herman Miller design is purchased.

· Measurements and Location. It is important that the chair fits in with the existing office furniture. Take time to measure the height of the desk, size of the room and any other factors that may play a role in the decision of the chair purchase.

· Material. What material is the chair made out of? Fabric is as personal as the buyer in terms of taste. However it is important to address the durability of the fabric and the ease in which it can be cleaned. Leather chairs are traditionally comfortable and easy to clean. However it is also possible to purchase a Herman Miller chair made out of durable synthetics like polyester or mesh.

· Height of the Chair. The height of the chair will play a major role in the suitability and comfort for the user. Where possible, test out a number of different options and take note of which height was most comfortable. The height of the chair also determines the bend of the knee which should be at approximately 90% with the feet flat on the ground. It will also determine the level of where the arms reach out towards the mouse pad and keyboard. If these do not quite match up, consider using a foot rest.

· Armrests. Armrests are a necessary requirement for workers who spend the majority of the day at a computer. They must be at a height so the user’s arms are parallel with the floor but still able to flex up at a 90% angle.

· Budget. Ultimately the cost of the chair will be the deciding factor. When it comes time to setting in place a budget, be sure to include incidentals like delivery. This will help to avoid any unexpected costs.

How to Buy a Herman Miller Office Chair On eBay

eBay’s extensive range of office furniture and supplies make it the ideal choice for start-up businesses, businesses looking to upgrade and businesses wishing to replace one or two office items. Included in this range of products are Herman Miller office chairs.

· Searching. The first step when using eBay is to search for the item being looked for. This can be done a number of different ways. Perhaps the easiest way to search is by using the keyword search bar. This is located at the top of every page on the site. Simply enter in the keyword or broad search term and eBay will collate a list of all the available products onto one page for browsing. It is also possible to undertake an advance search as well as browse all the categories and sub-categories.

· Checking the Product. Once a product has been identified, it is important to check the condition and suitability of the product. This can be done by assessing the notes and photographs provided by the seller. Do not be afraid to ask the seller more questions if required.

· Refund and Exchange Polices. It is extremely uncommon for an eBay buyer to have an unpleasant experience purchasing goods off eBay. However, it is always advisable to be aware of the sellers refund and exchange policy to avoid any altercations in the unlikely case of a dispute. eBay do offer a cohesive buyers protection program for peace of mind.

· Purchase. Paying for an item on eBay has never been easier. Simply use a debit or credit card. Alternatively, it is also possible to engage the services of PayPal a third party intermediary company to facilitate the exchange on behalf of the buyer and seller. Both are safe options.

· eBay Deals. eBay deals sit alongside eBay. eBay deals offer different products to eBay, be sure to check what is available on the site.

· Additional Information. If additional information is required on how to use the site, simply visit eBay’s buyer’s tips page. Here further information on all of the above is outlined in an easy to read structure.


A Herman Miller chair is considered the Rolls Royce of office chairs. The unique research that has been undertaken to inform the design ensures that the models are at the cutting edge of seat technology. The chair aims to support both body and mind while in the office. Sitting down for extended periods of time is not great for any human but unavoidable in today’s modern technological age. As long as jobs are seated, the best way to combat this is by investing in quality chairs that offer the right support.

eBay’s extensive range of Herman Miller chairs, both new and used, make it the ideal location to shop. Not only that but it is accessible from anywhere, the office, the home or on the go. It is possible to purchase a Herman Miller chair off eBay anywhere with internet access.

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