High postage! Novel method to evade EBay Sellers Fees?

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Just thought I'd add a 'caveat emptor' (that's buyer beware) message about some postings I've seen recently on EBay from sellers over in the Far East.

An example, a SanDisk Ultra II Compact Flash card (weighing less than 50 gms) selling for a pretty tempting price in AUD, but postage quoted can range from AUD $30 to $50 !!!

I even saw some charlatans charging USD $50 for postage of these items.

Curiosity got the better of me, so I contacted a few of them to ask how they could possibly charge such high postage costs (and get away with it).

Only one responded, and said that his low starting bid (usually $1) and therefore low(er) selling price was offset by the postage charges.

Whilst this might appear reasonable on the surface, to me it appears a novel way to evade sellers fees, otherwise payable to EBay (but if they're condoning it, then it looks like a great way to circumvent payment of sellers fees). 

Then there are the 'fly-by-night-Johnnies' that seem to flourish on EBay.

My son was a victim of one such scam in December 2005.

He purchased 2 Sony Playstation controllers (at about a third of the price of what they cost over here) from a HK based vendor, who charged a ridiculously high postage rate, and then didn't send one (or at least it wasn't received in Australia).

When my son turned to EBay for support (goods never received), he was left in the lurch as the value of the item was below some ($ value) threshold previously set by EBay's admininstration.

To add insult to injury, the item (that arrived) stopped working within 60 days of purchase, but the vendor was no longer trading on EBay (by then, having sold several hundred of these controllers).

All I can say is buy local, and if possible, try and find a vendor who's in the same State or City as you are; and who's received positive feedback from some familiar EBayer's.

Be wary of EBayers who have private feedback, it's not that they can't be trusted, but a person with nothing to hide should have their feedback available for perusal to all prospective purchasers.

Lastly, never be afraid to ask questions of the seller, no matter how trivial they may appear on the surface, as there are most likely other people that feel the same way as you; but may feel intimidated about asking.

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Thank You !

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