Hints and Tips/Checkpoints For Buying Electronic Goods

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When ever buying electronic goods off ebay. Always enquire as to whether something is truly new or has been used but is still new. Often buyers try to dupe you in to thinking some thing is new and never used before. Often you will find the case is, it is new but often used by someone and and kept in good condition. By this we mean, If you buy something new from the shops it is new and never used. Straight out of the box. But often new does not always mean not used. Some Ebay sellers acquire their goods at auctions and discount stores. Sometimes picking up multiples of the same item to make a bigger profit. Whilst having good intentions. Often they pass on others mistakes. When hotels buy new tv's they do it on mass. The case is almost always that these items they upgrade get sold on to re-coup costs on the upgrade itself. Make sure that your item is not a multiple of a used item. Always ask the buyer a question. Dont be afraid, it is your right as a buyer. As they say buyer beware. Also when buying items that are multiples. You often find as I did with my High Definition Set Top Box. It was hammered to within an inch of it's life before I even plugged it in. But they said it was new. It doesn't mean that it doesn't work. Quite the opposite. My set top box works. But shows all the age of a 20 year old set top box. Sometimes even freezing mid-picture. Other than that I'd say I got a good bargain. But you should know yourself to beware of your purchases. Even if the person has really good feedback. It never hurts to ask. Anyhow, if they are a good ebayer they won't mind you asking the question and often respect the feedback they receive for doing you a good deal and not a shonky one.  (Posted by smokegoinshoppin)

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