Hints and Tips for New Sellers

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Are you new to selling on eBay? Here are some fantastic hints and tips to help you get started!


The biggest decision faced by new sellers is "What Should I Sell?" and the simple answer is "Anything!"

A good starting point is selling items related to your hobbies and interests. Are you an avid knitter? Do you like football? Are you a movie buff? Are you a mad stamp collector? Once you have identified your hobbies and interests, you can start to work out what you might like to sell to others with similar interests.

For example: If you are a stamp collector and have several multiples in your collection, start selling them off on eBay and soon you will have other stamp collectors intertested in your items. This can be a mutually beneficial relationship as many buyers are also sellers - some may be selling stamps that you want in your collection.

If you have a specialised knowledge in a certain interest eg: you are a Star Trek fan, you could be a fantastic seller of Star Trek memorabilia. Use your knowledge of your interest to increase sales and make professional looking auctions which show you know your product.


A good start is around your home. You would be surprised what hidden treasures are sitting around gathering dust in your cupboards! Since you can sell just about anything on eBay, there is always a market for whatever you are selling. Here are some ideas for items to sell from around your home:

  • Old CD's, Records and Tapes you don't listen to anymore
  • Old Videos and DVD's you don't watch anymore
  • Unwanted presents and gifts
  • Toys your children have outgrown
  • Baby clothes and accessories
  • Old Books and Magazines
  • Board Games
  • That ugly bit of bric-a-brac you just can't throw away
  • That kitchen gizmo you never used and never will use

But the home isn't the only place you can find great things to sell. Here are some other fantastic places you could find some treasures to sell:

  • Garage Sales
  • Car Boot Sales, Fetes and Markets
  • Charity / Op Shops
  • Second Hand Shops and Antique Stores
  • Your local Supermarket
  • Church Jumble Sales

But of course the biggest place to find bargains for resale is eBay itself. Here are some tricks to nabbing some resellable bargains:

  • Many people make spelling mistakes in their auction title, which means less people see their item. A good tip is to search for items you are interested in by mispelling the search words. eg: try "star treck" instead of "star trek" or "discmen" rather than "discman"
  • Search for items being sold in bulk. Often you can by multiple identical items and resell them seperatly for a considerable profit.


These are just a few hints and tips to help get you started selling on eBay. Hopefully they have given you a few ideas and some inspiration to get out there and start selling like a pro! 


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