Hints and Tips for buying 'Natural Gold Nuggets'

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I had a real nasty experience with a seller, whose email I had to report because of the abuse it contained and all only because I wanted proof for what he states in his description of the item.

Since the seller can not be made to change the wording of his description it is up to the buyer to either report him/her or better still don't buy anything if you are not 100% satisfied with the replies you get.

Here are some tips for buying 'Natural Gold Nuggets':

Only because the nuggets look very shiny and 'clean' does not mean it is 'pure' gold. All nuggets contain other metals such as silver and copper and the average gold content is between 92-98%.If they are very shiny then they mainly have been tumbled so they look better on the photo.

Don't believe anything like 'the purest an cleanest natural gold on the planet' without receiving proper proof for it. I don't believe that the feedback of the buyers is proper proof, since they wouldn't be able to tell without an assay which a. destroys the nugget and b. most of these nuggets are even to small to do an assay since it takes about 5 gram to get accurate readings.

Watch out for sellers that use only one photo that is extremly magnified since the nugget looks much bigger than it really is.

 Look out for sellers that use rulers or something similar to compare the size of the nugget. Better still, if the nugget is on a scale you see the weight as well as having a comparison to the size.

Check the daily goldprice on a webpage such as, www then goldprice and the com plus au for Australia, so you don't pay too much for your gold nugget. I wouldn't pay much more than 10% above goldprice for a nugget of 1 gram or less, bigger the nuggets higher the price since they are also fairly rare and therefore Collectors items as well as Investment.

Only because the seller has a high number of feedbacks plus 100% positive doesn't necesarily mean he/she is honest and sincere, some, maybe most buyers would feel wrong to give a neutral or even negative feedback to one of the top sellers even if they are not really happy with what they get.

Make sure if you are unsure about something to always ask the seller before you put a bid on something because ones you've bid on it and won the item it's too late to ask questions.  Don't wait until the last few minutes to ask since it could be that you don't get the answer before the listing has ended.

It's always better to ask one question to many as being unhappy with the 'Natural Gold Nugget' you've paid for.

That's all I can think of right now, I hope this helps future buyers of 'Natural Gold Nuggets' and they don't have to go through my nasty experience.

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