Hints on how to sell in an eBay Store

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This guide contains a few tips on how to attract buyers to your Store and keep them coming back.

What makes a successful Store?
Successful Stores are those that make it an easy shopping experience for buyers.
So ensure you have
 a Store name that is meaningful for buyers
 attractively displayed items
 simple search categories
 competitively priced items
 plenty of stock
 accurate postage prices
 friendly, efficient customer service
 post-sale care enabling you to market your latest or bargain products

Naming your Store
The Store name is one way of branding yourself and letting your customers know what you sell.
A meaningful name will help buyers remember that they’ve bought from you before and give them the confidence to shop with you again.
To accompany your logo you can add a Store description to let your buyers know more information about you and your Store.

Store Displays
Think of your eBay Store in terms of an offline Store. It is much easier to find exactly what you want when you know where to look for it! On eBay you can categorise your items so buyers can search or browse through your Store with ease. Group similar items together .e.g. if you specialise in books you could start with simple categories such as Fiction, Non-Fiction, Hardback, Paperback extending your categories to individual authors once you are more established.
By displaying the items within your categories as Gallery View, buyers are able to see exactly what they are buying at a simple glance.
You can also choose to display items by price (Highest or lowest), Time remaining, or newly listed.

So having attracted buyers to your Store, here are some tips on encouraging them to come back … and buy again!

Retaining Buyers
Think about:
 Email Marketing
 Promotional Flyers
 Search Engine Keywords
 Cross-Promotional Opportunities

Email Marketing
When someone adds you as a favourite seller they can opt to receive newsletters from you.
Here you can inform customers of your latest bargains, new-in-season goods or special offers.
This is your way of showing buyers you know something about their preferences...it’s great to show them other items from your Store that they may like to buy.

Promotional Flyers
These are great to add to the item you are posting to your buyer…encouraging them to return to your Store. Here you can place your logo, Store description and items which you currently have on sale…it may encourage them to revisit you sooner than they would have intended.

Search Engine Keywords
Keywords are what search engines use to enable internet users to locate your Store. The best Stores are those whose descriptions are comprised of keywords.
So when someone searches for a word that is the same as those in your Store you have a high likelihood of your Store appearing somewhere within the Google, Yahoo or other search engine listings page.

Keywords are probably the most important piece of marketing you can do to enable buyers to find you and buy form you time and time again.  To make the most effective use of keywords, have the keywords spaced out with commas: e.g. mobile phones, digital cameras, video cameras, Top 40 CDs, gift ideas.

Cross Promotions
Cross Promotions are a great way of displaying other Store items that are related to the item a buyer is looking to purchase or make a bid on. For example, if a buyer is looking to purchase a men’s shirt you may want to display your range of ties to them too.

Also think about promoting your Store to potential buyers by;
 Writing a Buying Guide
 Creating an About Me Page

Hope this helps! or visit the Interactive Stores Tour or Seller Education pages


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