Hitchhikers Guide to using Ebay

Like if this Guide is helpful

Hi gang, i am a regular visitor to ebay, but i look for specific items in fire emergency & first aid/paramedical stuff.  I would like to offer my experiences to help newcomers especially... i dont like having my time wasted & im sure the vendors i have dealt with dont either....SO

Whilst hitchhiking or just travelling round the vast universre on the information super-highway, you need to be equiped with the survival skills to use ebay

1.  First & foremost, Dont waste time. Niether yours or the vendor.  We are all busy young funsters, so decide what you want & exactly how much much you are willing to pay.

2.  Make sure you settle your account on time & IN -FULL.  Your valued item will be delayed if price etc aren't payed in full.

3. COMMUNICATE People.  Send an email to the vendor, explain if you have experienced any problems.  I personally have sent emails with my mobile number for the vendor to cocntact me.  You'd be surprised how much rapport you will build & how your feedback will look

4.  Give feedback. Although i am a regualr user, the feedback I have recieved has been  excellent.  I also have given great feback on the vendors.  Check my stats.

5 Be honest & open.  Deceptive trade & other actions can land you in deeeep doo-do.  Ask yourself a simple question, "would I like that done to me"? if you answer NO the dont so it, If you answered It wouldnt be my problem, then think about the item you sell, deliver then noy get paid for & by the way never see that item again


so GOOD LUCK & happy Ebaying.....





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