Home Body Wrap Kits - A Guide to Body Wrapping

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This guide explains a little about how to use a home body wrap kit and the results that you can expect. It also covers basic information anyone interested in body wraps would need in order to grasp the essence of the treatment as well as acquire techniques to achieve a fulfilling body wrap experience.
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About Body Wraps - What is a body wrap?

Body wraps are a cosmetic spa treatment most commonly done for inch loss (for example to lose a dress size quickly before a big event such as a wedding or simply to fit back into tight, old jeans). But depending on the ingredients used in the clay or formula, it can offer additional benefits such as skin cleansing/detoxification and cellulite reduction. Body wraps can also used to treat joint pain from injury or disease.

History of Body Wraps

The genesis of body wrapping goes way back to the ancient civilizations of Egyptians, Romans, Chinese, Japanese, Greeks, and Indians. As early as those times, people knew that pampering the largest organ – the skin – with heat, compression, and medicinal substances was essential for healing and for health. They used cloths soaked in therapeutic solutions made of natural ingredients – such as herbs or clay – to wrap injured body parts or simply recuperate the mind, body, and senses all at once. From getting rid of internal toxins and managing aches and pains to treating external skin ailments, body wraps were a treatment of choice for many cultures throughout centuries.
Although the ancients didn't understand in full depth the scientific reason behind the benefits of body wraps, the principles were carried along through generations until they influenced the Western world, and later on, the entire globe. 
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Body Wrap Results - What to Expect from Body Wraps

Although the more popular effect of body wraps is inch loss, there is more to body wraps than just that. Each benefit is reviewed in the section below.


The skin is one of the major organs vital in the body's natural detoxification process. Through open pores, it releases toxins, fluids, and other impurities by way of perspiration. Body wraps stimulate toxins to move out in many ways.
  • Cloth bandages used in the treatment are intended to promote heat and compression. The body is kept warm allowing the blood vessels to expand, therefore promoting good blood circulation as well as enhancing oxygen delivery to cells and tissues.
  • Heat applied directly over the skin encourages perspiration, so that impurities are lead out – one of the reasons why inch loss is achieved.
  • Sometimes, pores get clogged up by minute dead skin which is why exfoliation (such as through dry skin brushing or using exfoliating cleansers) is highly recommended prior to applying any wrap formula. Spas and salons usually make exfoliation as part of the package while most, if not all, home body wrap kits include a skin brush.

Cellulite Reduction

The secret to reducing visible cellulite doesn't take a miracle to figure out because cellulite is really just fat digging into the tissues so that the skin looks like an orange peel. This occurrence is usually influenced by hormones, so unless there's an easy way to drive these chemical compounds, the best way to deal with the cottage cheese look is to reduce overall body fat. Since fats prevent toxins from wondering out into the bloodstream, an increase in toxins leads to growth of existing fat cells and even development of new ones. When toxins are eliminated, fats are mobilized for burning – another reason why body wraps stimulate inch loss! Don't be surprised why weight loss specialists usually recommend detoxification as part of the weight loss plan.

Skin Improvement

The skin is a candid reflection of inner health, so when impurities are minimized, the skin reflects a radiant glow that comes from within. Because pores are opened up by the warmth produced during treatment, body wrap formulas are able to exude their therapeutic benefits into deep skin layers to improve skin quality, enhance its defenses, and contribute to overall skin health leaving  skin supple, firm, and well-toned. 

Skin Healing

Herbal ingredients infused in body wrap formulas aid in healing wounds, cuts, and skin conditions such as acne, allergies, irritation, eczema, and psoriasis among others. Without doubt, this benefit has been proven for centuries so there's not much to talk about here.

Pain Relief

Remember how sprained ankles or strained muscles end up wrapped in Ace bandages? Same principle here. Warmth encourages blood to flow into the direction where blood vessels dilate so that injured tissues receive as much nutrients and oxygen as needed, thus healing the source of pain as soon as possible. 


A body wrap isn't just for the body but also for the mind and senses. It is an experience that encompasses more than what is physical and goes beyond what is only skin-deep. Infused in many body wrap solutions are essential oils rich in soothing aromas that invigorate the mind and senses as the body recuperates.

Spa Body Wraps vs. Home Body Wraps

Why is there so much fuzz about home body wraps when one can simply walk-in to a salon and indulge in a treatment without doing all the dirty work?
Here are some things to be considered:
  • A single wrap treatment in a spa costs around $80 to $200. That's just one body wrap.
  • Home kits can be bought at about the same price range or even less; however, one kit can be used several times – unlike in spa treatments. As a result, savings can reach hundreds of dollars.
  • Even cheaper – requiring just about $5 of investment – is creating formulas at home using affordable and accessible ingredients. That's 10 to 15 times more savings over salon wraps.

How to Choose a Home Kit

A good body wrap kit should contain a minimum of:
Clay and/or formula
Wrapping bandages
Other items that might be included could be:
Sauna Suit
Exfoliation kit
If you're a creative, practical person, it's also possible to make your own body wraps from simple, cheap, easily available ingredients.

The Actual Wrap 

The entire treatment usually takes about 75 to 90 minutes to complete, but the actual time under the bandages accounts for just 45 to 60 minutes. The rest of the time is basically spent on preparation of the bandages and formula, measurement recording, skin preparation, and application and removal of bandages. Treatment duration in salons may also depend on other services offered as part of the package. For those who wrap at home, these basic steps are what comprise the body wrap session. They tend to master the skill over time and develop their own strategies as they go along so that wrapping takes less time and effort after the first few treatments.
Here are the basic steps:
Heating the bandages in warm water. If a liquid formula is used, the formula is added into the water so that the bandages absorb it as well.
Taking of pre-wrap measurements.
Preparing the skin through exfoliation – may be done with the use of exfoliating cleansers, a dry skin brush, loofah, body gloves, or a hand towel. Some would also want to take a quick warm shower prior to the treatment.
Applying clay formula over the skin. 
Wrapping with the bandages. 
Staying warm with the use of blankets, towels, or a sauna suit
Savoring the body wrap experience. . Some may want to sleep, read a good book, listen to music, or indulge in any form of relaxation while others would prefer to do light exercises during the body wrap.
Removing the wraps.
Taking post-wrap measurements.
Cleaning up. Items in the home kits – such as the sauna suit, skin brush, and cloth bandages – are washable and usable so they have to be tidied up after the wrap.

Body Wrap Instructions
Download Full Body Wrap Instructions free at WrapYourselfSlim.com.au

Variations in Body Wrapping

Areas to involve in a body wrap treatment may vary depending on personal preference and need. People who want to achieve results such as detoxification, skin improvement, or relaxation may greatly benefit from full or complete body wraps where the ankles up to the trunk and arms are wrapped. Those who have specific objectives such as inch loss in the belly, pain and inflammation relief in the legs, or reduction of fat in men's chest area may settle for spot or targeted wraps over the affected body parts.
Material used for wrapping may also differ. Plastic wraps (Saran wrap in the US, cling or food wrap in the UK) are often used by those who want to deviate from the elastic bandages. They are easy to use because they easily stick together and are disposable – eliminating the need to wash afterwards. This kind of wraps is great for spot treatments but least advised for full body wraps as they don't allow room for the skin to breath as much as their elastic counterparts do.
Don't forget to take down notes and apply these basics as you create the body wrap experience that's best for you! Find out more about body wraps and home body wrap kits by visiting my profile and items for sale
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