Home and Kitchen: When the past becomes the present.

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Kitchenalia is the term which describes all the collectable items and gadgets contained in kitchens of old.  Old gadgets which are no longer used are becoming sought after collectables for decoration.  The old hand ground coffee grinder has been replaced by the electric grinder but nothing replaces the look of an authentic relic from the past.

Collectors are after something that will spark interest, gets guests talking as they sit around the table.  

What qualifies as 'Kitchenalia'?  Well, alll of the above.

Kitchenalia is a name that collectors and dealers use to describe items from the kitchen that are keenly collected.  That old pink Sunbeam mixmaster and matching pink mixing bowl set, that wierd looking object that is supposed to be an apple core remover.  

The best thing about kitchenalia is that it is readily affordable and becoming more diverse as objects that people grew up with in their kitchen become part of the kitchenalia collection.



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