Home compressors,air tools & free air delivery.

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Having an air-compressor around the home or shed is a handy thing but you might be suprised by what looks like a large compressor WILL NOT run when it comes to air-tools.

I've got a V twin piston 12.5 CFM pump with a 2.2 HP electric 10amp motor and 70 litre air tank which delivered the highest free air delivery rate of 8.4cfm (how many cubic feet of air the pump delivers to the tank in a minute) of any compressor that size when I bought it yet I've found it won't run a straight line sander or HVLP spraygun for any-more than about 5 seconds before they stop working.

I have used 'old style' suction feed spray gun's and an orbital air sander no problems and with excellent results but it will only just run a small rattle gun.

The little portable 240V compressor's are only really good for blowing the dust off a work bench,spraying engine degreaser or pumping up tyres or re-pressurising a WD-40 can to get that last bit out,they just don't deliver the air flow and stored air volume required for anything else.

The Compressed Air association of Australia (CAAA) rates compressors with Protocol 2000+ ® which was introduced to standardise the measurement of air compressors in order that consumers are able to select the most appropriate compressor for their application and there should be a large sticker on the tank or reciever stating its performance.

The measurement used is "Free Air Delivery" or FAD, which is a measure of the amount of air a compressor delivers under normal operating conditions, measured in litres per minute.

There are now 15CFM compressors which is the largest you will run on a standard 10amp household plug socket but even then 15CFM is not enough for some HVLP sprayguns,rattle-guns or air-sanders which can require a whopping 40CFM!

When it comes to air tools & compressors it's all about  'free air delivery' and the flow volume your pump can deliver to and how large the reciever tank is...that directly affects what air-tools you can run otherwise you may well be wasting your time & money when it comes to buying air-tools.

Finally...don't ever pay by direct deposit or money order...paying using PayPal is the only way you'll get your money back if its not fit for your purpose or they in-adequately described its usability or air requirements.

I hope that helps you make the right decision and ask the right questions & feel free to contact me via the eBay systems if you want to ask a question and thank you for voting for this guide if you found it informative..


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