Homoeopathic Medicine - Why every house needs it..

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This is not a consultation service, however it may assist you with choices in using Homoeopathics. Please note that this info results from years of healthcare experienced from nursing years, observation, research and practice. It contains my own clinical experiences, those reported to me by customers who have bought from retailers and wish to share their experiences and an occasional one which shows how animals can be safely assisted with Homoeopathics. What the general public does not unerstand (or rather it has been withheld by media and medical authorities) is that Homoeopathy is the 2nd most used form of medicine in the world behind traditional herbal medicines. Throughout Europe & India, Homoeopathy is a large part of medical training, and a large percentage of Vets in the UK use it predominantly in their care of animals. What we take for granted in orthodoxy is used mostly in 'civilised' nations and in localised areas of 3rd world countries. When used correctly, Homoeopathy never ceases to amaze even hardened practitioners, and while patients who use Homoeopathy as the first line of treatment in health care use orthodoxy only when the situation calls for it, practitioners find that when a patient presents after years of failing to find successful treatment for an ailment, so many cases can be successfully treated with a well-chosen remedy.
This range was developed as a response to requests by patients and has been sold through clinics around WA & mail order interstate and overseas. For more info, please take a look at my website which should be completed by mid-July 2007. Please direct all emails via my ebay contact details.

Available in Australia - Safe, affordable remedies for every member of the family.

~ try it for yourself and you'll wonder how you ever survived without it!


Many people have asked why Chrysalis remedies are a good choice - the reasons have been answered by thousands of customers and I have hundreds of testimonies.

1. Homoeopathy is a very safe method of health care, but not easy - even Practitioners can disagree and some Practitioners avoid the use due to the confusion. The mystery has been removed with this range - it is not Classical Homoeopathy, which should be left to the Practitioner - however, holding on to the mystery has not done Homoeopathy any favours.

2. Every remedy has been used in Clinical Practice - many times over the years and improved upon when the need arose.

3. I will not use cruelly-derived products or any that endanger any aspect of our delicate ecosystems - the range is 'Choose Cruelty-Free' listed. No animal testing is used at any stage, but the range has been used in animal care since its inception, with great results. Don't ignore your pet's health and don't think that anything will replace a Vet - discuss this choice with them.

4. Value - the tincture bottles are larger than regular remedies, costs are kept down in comparison, and higher potencies are used, removing the need to take the remedy too frequently.

This site is not able to provide consultations, however, by using the guide to the range, it is easy to see which remedies are needed.
Start with remedies most needed - before you need them (nothing like needing a medicine in the middle of the night, no fuel or money..)
Instead of retailing 'Pregnancy kits' or 'Baby kits', or any other target range, each remedy was built with broad-based use in mind. While there is a remedy which suits babies and children (Soothe 8), it is great for adults suffering from dental pain.
If you understand Homoeopathy, you would know that the tincture for the skeletal and muscular system, can also be used for deep-seated infection (Rheumarth 3).

Created by Western Australian Natural Health Practitioner (& former Nurse) Lulu Kenzig combining Contemporary/Original Homoeopathic Laws - believing the current crisis of our health system comes largely as a result of the 'mystery' surrounding our health care system for the last century.

We have surrendered our own physical and spiritual needs, and need to address our own health, leaving real health issues (unavoidable, inherent, accidental & emergency) to the Professionals.
Build your own kit according to your family's needs.
How can anyone 'fix' health problems when we eat what we like, live life in the fastlane and ignore minor symptoms until we become chronically ill?
We have one body - yet treat our cars and other 'possessions' with more care and respect!
Get back to basics - eat and live well - research the poisons which we bombard our bodies with daily - and leave the real issues up to our Practitioners.



Digestive upsets, including diarrhoea, constipation, indigestion, nausea & vomiting.

Minor irritations - not anaphylatic reactions. Minor stings, bits, rashes, watery eyes & nose, hay fever, sinusitis.

Aches & pains, sprains, strains, bruising.

Influenza (flu), minor viruses - 'achey sickness'.

RESCUE REMEDY FIVE (original Bach remedy)-
Shock, panic, fear, anger, tantrums, screaming, reactions to food additives & colours.

Stress, nervousness, grief, tearfulness.

'Homoeobiotic'- inflammations which usually require 'biotic' prescription.

Baby remedy - colic, teething, aggravations, whining.


(ACC) Asthma Chest Complex -
Even though this is a genetic problem, this can help to tone respiratory system. Do not ignore regular medication - use to lessen frequency of attacks and strengthen airways and reactions to irritants/triggers.

(ASC) Acne Simplex Complex -
Anti-inflammatory and blood cleansing to assist with clearing up skin blemishes - use gentle skin care whcih does not include harmful ingredients such as sodium laurel sulphate and propylene glycol (in most shampoos, conditioners and moisturisers - linked to dermal, eye irritation and minor allergies).

(CCC) Cough Cold Complex -
For head, chest colds and coughs. Use as cough medicine and to assist in removal of inflammation.

(CMC) Climacteric Menopause Complex -
For help during menopause - for host flushes and mood swings. There are also many herbal teas available. Magnesium deficiency also aggravates these symptoms and inclusion of this has more benefit in correcting calcium imbalance than taking single calcium supplement.

(DTC) De-Tox Complex -
Assists in gently removing waste deposits from digestive system and blood. Beneficial for commencing lifestyle change and prior to diet commencement.

(EDC) Eczema Dermatitis Complex -
Even though this is a genetic problem, many forms of treatment are available which do not cause further problems as is found with many medications. Use safe, non-toxic skin & haircare (see ASC)and avoid high carbohydrate and fod additive intake.

(EYC) Eye Complex -
Minor eye irritations - styes, conjunctivitis - clean eyes with saline or chamomile tea. (See notes on ASC). In infant irritations, keep their hands clean.

(FRC) Fluid Retention Complex -
As one of the major causes in fluid retention is due to the fact that our cells are dying faster than our new cells can be made (often in a weaker state) this waste accumulates in our blood and gravity forces the heavier fluid to stagnate in our feet and legs (and hands if they hang down and we do not exercise enough). Increase filtered water intake, change diet and use these drops to remove excess.

(GAC) Gout Acid Complex -
Through inadequate diet, exposure to chemicals and alcohol consumption, our kidneys become unable to process uric acid build-up. This can affect our blood, heart and cause great pain. These drops help to remove the acid build-up, but lifestyle change is imperative to prevent recurrence.

(HCC) Haemorrhoid Congestion Complex -
Constipation, standing for long periods and diets low in bioflavonoids, minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants can all contribute to the aggravation of this often hereditary problem. Lifestyle change can improve the problem and these drops remove pressure and swelling/itching.

(HSC) Herpes Simplex Complex -
Not intended to remove the virus, but to remove the inflammations and lesions associated with the appearance - any region of the body. Intake of Zinc and Amino Acid Lysine can lessen frequency of aggravation. Nerve tonic may be required.

(IWC) Intestinal Worm Complex -
Internal parasites often go unnoticed and can create serious health issues. This remedy may be taken once a month for one day only as a preventative, or for one week if infestation is evident.#

(MPC) Menstrual Pain Complex - 
A must for every female from the age of puberty onwards - for pain, PMT/PMS, ovulation aggravations, irregularities, mood swings. Either take when symptoms appear, or for chronic imbalances, take three times daily for a month.

(SBC) Sweating Bromidrosis Complex -
For body odour, heavy sweating, clammy hands and feet, night sweats.

(SHC) Sleep Help Complex -
Poor sleep patterns. Take three times, every hour for three hours prior to sleep. May be repeated during night or fr shift work.

(SSC) Smoke Stop Complex -
Assists in removing the poisons associated with smoking or passive inhalation - also for those exposed to smoke and irritants. The less waste in the body, the fewer cravings. May be taken in place of cigarettes. This is also advised after local anaesthesia -it is estimated that the equivalent tar toxin level as 86 000 cigarettes is found in each average 'local' and affects the body the same as smoking as many cigarettes.


(This is also safe, but due to the nature of the symptoms, it is classified as needing Practitioner assistance)

EMOTION ESSENCE (Victim, Grief, Abused)

JOY ESSENCE (Depression)

HEART ESSENCE (Anger, abusive)

FIRE ESSENCE (Shy, nervous)

FOCAL ESSENCE (ADD, ADHD,concentration, study)

RELAX ESSENCE (Work, lifestyle stress, especially for carers)

RELEASE ESSENCE (Addictions, phobias)

VITAL ESSENCE (Lack of interest, inspiration)


PFC Pregnancy Fertility Complex - for use in fertility program - for male and female use, to tone reproductive systems, for use during pregnancy and after birth.

KPC Kidney Prostate Complex - Multi-purpose for kidney inflammation, urinary tract inflammations and prostate enlargements (benign).

MRC Memory Recall Complex - Memory deficits, poor recall, long and short term.


Due to lactose intolerance, this was formulated after years of approaching other companies (to no avail) to change what I believed to be a major irritant in health products - the use of lactose in binding/filling remedies - and has since been released by many companies, as it has finally been 'proven' to be a major contributing factor in poor response rates.

Combination 12 6c
(Combination of all 12 Salts)
General Deficiency

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