Honda Bike Fairings Buying Guide

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Honda Bike Fairings Buying Guide

Motorcycle fairings are the lightweight shells that make up the body of the bike. They cover up the frame and give the motorcycle its unique look. Replacing or upgrading the Honda bike fairings is a great way to customise the look for the ride as well as increase performance. Particular fairings are aerodynamic so that they create as little air drag as possible. By reducing drag, the bike can go faster and run on less petrol. In the long run, the cost of driving goes down. There are several kinds of fairing shapes to consider as well as different materials, colours, and designs.

Types of Motorcycle Fairings

Various kinds of fairings have different looks and benefits. Some are small and cover only small portions of the frame, while others encase the entire bike. Riders should choose the one that falls in line with their needs and style preferences. In many cases, colours are easy to match to the bike and some have custom designs on them. Choosing one of the following fairings is a good way to personalise a bike.

Belly Pan

The belly pan is a single piece that goes below the engine to reduce the amount of lift under the engine. As air flows under the motorcycle it tries to lift it up. The belly pan increases performance by deflecting the air from going under the bike.

Streamliner Fairings

The streamliner fairings encase the whole bike so that little of the frame is visible. This reduces wind drag as much as possible. Usually streamliner fairings are on racing bikes rather than regular street bikes. However, some owners like the appearance of them.

Dolphin Fairings

Dolphin fairings got their name from the rounded shape that resembles a dolphin. The nose of the body is large and smooths back into the rest of the bike, making it look like a beak. They have a somewhat vintage look to them.

Dustbin Fairings

Dustbin fairings encase the entire front half of the motorcycle for aerodynamic purposes. They resemble a small aircraft or a torpedo. Dusbin fairings are not made anymore but there are still vintage bikes with them. Crosswinds compromised the stability of the motorcycle since the sides were solid. A reduced steering range also caused issues.

Full Fairings

Full fairings have body pieces on top and on bottom with the frame revealed in between. Depending on the motorcycle, they may or may not provide protection from the wind. Some have a windscreen on them and some offer handlebar protection.

Half Fairing

Half fairings don't cover the sides of the motorcycle though some do cover part of the cylinder block. Conversion kits are available to turn a half fairing body into a full one.

Quarter Fairing

The quarter fairing includes a very small windscreen and it encompasses the single headlight. They have a classic look that a minimalist is sure to like.

Types of Materials

Honda fairings come from the manufacturer or aftermarket companies. There are three kinds of materials to consider that have various price points and advantages.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

ABS is a plastic that's strong and lightweight. It is made through the process of injection moulding or compression moulding. Injection moulding involves pressing the melted plastic into a mould and it is the most accurate method. Compression moulding sometimes yields inconsistent density. ABS is affordable and effective so it is one of the most common materials used for fairings.


Fibreglass is also lightweight and consists of finely woven fibres. It is very lightweight so many motorcycle riders use it on racing bikes. The material is also easy to repair by simply adding more layers of fibreglass. However, it is prone to cracking when flexed too much.

Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer

This material is even lighter than standard fibreglass but is also the pricier. Usually the carbon fibre fairings are only at professional sporting events. One of the reasons it is a popular choice for professionals is because it is highly heat resistant and can endure tension.

Choosing Honda Bike Fairings

Like any motorcycle parts, fairings must be compatible with the particular Honda model. It is best to search for the fairings based on the model of the motorcycle because various manufacturers make fairings for the bike. Compare brands and styles to find one that suites the bike and remember that there are several aftermarket companies that make fairings.

To cut back on cost, consider buying used fairings . Even if they are damaged or scratched, people can repair and repaint them according to their particular tastes. Shoppers who want a more custom appearance can purchase unpainted fairings and the hire a painter to complete them or do the artwork themselves. Airbrushed fairings with unique designs are highly popular among bikers.

Lastly, don't forget to purchase the bolts needed to install the fairings onto the Honda bike. The best way to go about this is to choose bolts that were specifically made for the particular motorcycle rather than getting universal ones.

How to Buy

The open road is calling and customising your motorcycle is a great way to enjoy the ride even more. The combination of choices between styles, materials, and paint jobs is nearly unlimited and shoppers can find just about any of them on the eBay website. Use the search bar on any eBay webpage to generate a list of Honda bike fairings to browse through.

Before ordering anything, check the reputation of the sellers. You can do this by reading the feedback they have from past clients, or you can choose to purchase parts from one of the many Top-rated sellers on the site. Be sure to look for free delivery offers or include the cost of shipping in the overall price. To find some good sales, check out the eBay Deals page before you buy.

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