Honda Front Forks Buying Guide

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Honda Front Forks Buying Guide

For most motorcyclists, safety, handling, and comfort are of the utmost importance. The bike's front forks play a key role in all of these, keeping the bike stable and under control regardless of the terrain. This stability allows the motorcyclist to enjoy a comfortable ride.

The front forks absorb and dampen much of the impact of any variations on the ground. This means that the forks receive a considerable amount of stress and must be durable. When the time comes to replace Honda front forks , be sure to choose the best set possible by ensuring that they are appropriate for the bike and that they include available options.

The Importance of the Front Forks

How a motorcycle handles affects both its safety and how comfortable the ride is for the motorcyclist. On a motorcycle, the rider is in close contact with the terrain, whether that is smooth pavement or rugged dirt and rocks. The bike's suspension has a large impact on how well it responds to the rider's directional adjustments as well as how well it absorbs the impact of bumps on the ground, whether large or small.

The front forks connect to the front wheel axle and to the bike's frame. The handlebars connect to the forks and allow the rider to control the direction that the front wheel points. The front brakes and key parts of the bike's suspension are also generally part of the forks. As a whole, this important part of the motorcycle plays a large role in how well it handles in a number of different ways.

Factors that Affect Handling


Suspension Shocks

May be located inside or outside the fork tubes. Absorbs shocks to the wheel when braking, turning, or from bumps on the road.


The degree to which the forks angle vertically.

Fork Length

Measured from the axle to the point that the forks make contact with the frame.

Wheel Height

The distance from the ground to where the wheel attaches to the bike at the axle.

All of the measurements mentioned above affect how the motorcycle responds to the rider. The suspension shocks affect how well the rider can keep hold of the handlebars regardless of the ground conditions. Each of these are important factors in the handling of the motorcycle.

Choose the Right Honda Front Forks for the Bike

There are a large number of different Honda motorcycles. One of the most important things to keep in mind when buying any motorcycle part is the need to make certain that it fits and works optimally on the bike. Some parts work on several models or even on many different makes of motorcycles. Likewise, some motorcycles can use parts made for other bikes, and are not limited to those designed for that specific make or model. However, manufacturers design many parts to fit and work optimally on only one bike.

When buying the front forks for a Honda, it is wise to do some preliminary research about the specific bike model in order to determine which parts can fit on it. The safest and easiest thing to do is to shop only for parts made specifically for the bike model. This information is the easiest to come by as most part retail outlets have lists of parts that fit each motorcycle. However, by researching to determine which other forks may work on the bike, it is possible to open up other buying options that may represent better quality, the chance to upgrade to better options, a broader selection, as well as a greater opportunity for finding a real bargain.

Regardless, it is important to be sure that the forks work well on the bike before purchasing. The motorcycles manual includes some information about which ones fit. Other information sources such as magazines, online forums, and expert guidebooks provide even more options. For the novice, it is wise to do as much research as possible before attempting to change the front forks to those other than what originally came on the bike.

Decide Whether to Buy New or Used

Buying new Honda motorcycle parts often gives the owner confidence that the parts perform well and last a long time. In general, a consumer can be confident that a new set of Honda front forks come with all the necessary parts for installation and that they are durable enough to stand up to the test of time.

On the other hand, many sellers who are offering used Honda forks for sale may include more than just the forks in the transaction. When the lower purchase price is considered, these bundled deals represent a real bargain. Especially when considering the fact that most sellers are simply replacing the perfectly good forks with other options or are parting out a bike because it may have damage elsewhere. When shopping, carefully weigh the benefits of both buying new or used.

How to Buy Honda Front Forks on eBay

The front forks are an important part of any Honda motorcycle and should be kept in good repair or replaced when necessary. The motorcycle owner in need of a new set can find them at many retail outlets including online sites or cycle shops. eBay sellers list many new and used Honda front forks for many of the most popular models and even for rare ones. When shopping for them on eBay, locate the ones that fit a specific bike quickly by entering the model number into the search engine. Remember, though, to do the necessary research first in order to determine if there are even more options that may not come up on that first model number search.

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